Environment stuff 

You ever think about how "western" countries like the USA and UK and others have exploited the natural resources of countries across the world to the point that we're all staring ecological collapse in its face in order to grow their own wealth and power...

And now those same countries poo poo those exploited nations exploiting their own resources to build up their own wealth and power because oh yeah, the now powerful nations fucked it all up for everyone.

Environment stuff 

@pandora_parrot that’s literally Bolisaro’s rhetoric, “You dudes dicked it up and why shouldn’t we have some?”

Environment stuff 

@Leucrotta Exactly. And I feel for that. Because he's right. Our country and shit ran all over that and now they can't have anything? That kinda sucks.

Of course, him taking it also sucks, cuz it's one world and we're all gonna suffer the consequences if he joins the exploitation game.

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