@pandora_parrot I don't use the word "lesbian" in this way because my in-person experience with a lesbian group was that they were really clear about not being bisexual, and about not being okay with bisexual people. But I know that's not everyone everywhere.

What does the word "lesbian" mean to you?

@anne I don't either, but just like things like "non-binary woman" and similar juxtapositions of seemingly separate concepts, concepts of gender identity and sexual orientation are things that do not have strict boundaries between them. People's understandings of themselves are often difficult to articulate succinctly, and some folks choose to identify multiply in order to express these more complicated ideas and communicate their experience to others.

@pandora_parrot I'm certainly not going to object to however people want to identify. I just don't necessarily know what they mean - which doesn't invalidate anything. My understanding is not required.

@anne @pandora_parrot it reminds me that the idea of "gold star lesbians" exist and how toxic that whole thing is

Including people for who they love makes sense, seeing others like yourself has power

Excluding from that same group based on the same hits me real bad

@electroCutie @anne And the argument "This invalidates 'real' lesbians" sounds so much like TERF logic around how "trans woman invalidate 'real' women."

It's ALL bullshit.

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