Went to a Fry's electronics today... It was... dead. Completely dead. Like, there were whole aisles missing product. It seems like a ghost town, like a mall waiting to die.

@pandora_parrot Yeah, it's really depressing. It wasn't that many months ago that you could still buy stuff there, too.

@pandora_parrot yeah last time I entered one really startled me too... it was freaky

@pandora_parrot fry's was always in a weird spot for me -- really overpriced (from what I remember) but good when I needed equipment quickly I couldn't find elsewhere. However shipping has closed that down to a much shorter wait then 12 years ago when I used to shop at fry's.

Now fry's is a 2 hour drive and I frankly have missed it maybe one or two times in the past 12 years.

NewEgg Killed the Frys SuperStore? (Am I parodyingThe Buggles or The Limosines? The world will never know)

I kinda wish I'd gotten into electronics (soldering etc) in Fry's/RS heyday and had a big tacklebox full of wires and parts and half assembled projects. Now it seems like I need to know what parts do to buy them. What I want are big, cheap bins of parts to have a variety ready for whatever.

@dragonbait1 @pandora_parrot Amateur radio rallies are a good place for this. Most of the stalls, especially at the smaller ones, have rummage boxes where you can rifle through them for parts and components and people's half-finished projects.

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