I’ve made a video game that close to 100,000 people have played, yet I still don’t feel like I could even potentially call myself a game developer...

Imposter syndrome sucks

I didn’t make it by myself, ofc. I was the lead dev, not the lead designer. But still

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@pandora_parrot I heard the story that Neil Gaiman was at some large awards ceremony, sitting at the back, and discovered that the guy next to him was also named Neil. "I always feel strange going to these things because they're full of creative and brilliant people, and I only ever went where they sent me." - said Neil Armstrong.

@pandora_parrot Impostor syndrome is absolutely endemic in astronomy too. Jocelyn Bell talks about being able to harness it to push herself harder, but I've heard stories from all sorts of very senior and successful scientists.

@pandora_parrot I was principal author & creative director on two projects and still don't feel like I developed a damn thing.

@pandora_parrot Hey, i rarely go on mastodon, but what's the game?

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