As a tech person I know I'm supposed to have some sort of online presence and brand... But I really just... don't care about that. I don't want an audience. I just wanna chat with friends. The entire *idea* of creating and cultivating an audience seems awful to me for me.

I want to talk about philosophy and life and love and adventures and sorrows and fears and experiences. I want to hear about other people's conversations about such things.

I think that's also why shitposting doesn't make much sense to me. The idea of posting purely to entertain others is... odd to me.

Not that I mind it from others, I do enjoy reading other people's entertainment occasionally! It's fun! I just... can't get into it myself.

My online social media presence is not here to entertain nor inform people of things. I'm here to socialize... As in... talk about stuff that we mutually care about.

When I see people doing things differently, I always get this feeling like I'm doing online wrong... But it's just who and how I am. I'm not into that stuff.

@pandora_parrot Interesting, I usually read shitposting as "posting purely to entertain oneself", not "posting purely to entertain others", like, a lot of shitposting is really *annoying* to the people reading it.

@pandora_parrot I dunno, in person I tell stories to entrain my friends sometimes. I tell (short) stories on here to entertain people sometimes. <shrug /> Socializing takes many forms.

And the format of social media is a bit different from one-on-one or small-group socializing; it can be a little more outward and undirected, though not so much as writing for a magazine (say) or giving a talk.

For me social media fills a different role than in-person communication. Or email or texting or...

@pandora_parrot A lot of shitposting is in-jokes. Which can be fun, but often leave you left out if you don't participate enough. Sometimes that's the goal, to create an in-group with a barrier to entry.

@pandora_parrot Mmm. When I was actively writing a blog, I had an audience in mind. Vague, I admit, but I had to decide what to include and what to explain. In my case it was people interested in science with a tolerance for technical stuff they might not understand. Writing to the same audience meant people who liked one post would have more chance of enjoying others.

@pandora_parrot pretty much same here, except that I'm a writer and I should cater to my (imaginary) readers. As if I had any... :D

More like, the more I've succeeded as a writer, the more I've closed my social media accounts. Nowadays it's mostly just an ingroup chat that I use time in.

It isn't for me either, I tend toward privacy and I either want to share ideas/creations that people can enjoy and benefit from, or communicate directly with individuals. In general I want, personally, to see and be seen by a very small segment of the population. Outside of that I do want engagement, but not for myself, and not around me... just what I make.

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