I love how most of the fediverse seems to be flavor of trans, non-binary, genderqueer, demi-gender, etc.. I wanna see the stats! Tell me who you are!

This is obvs. hyperbole. It's our corner that's very queer in this way. But it's a GOOD CORNER.

@pandora_parrot (it's extremely easy to forget that cis straights exist and that's glorious)

The cishets; "flirting" 

The cishets; "flirting" 

@pandora_parrot I'm not entirely sure what "non-binary" really means, but I kind of like the idea because I'm not really sure if I'm necessarily agender?

Like, there's SOMETHING there, but it's not something I really have words for.

@itspomf Non-binary means that your gender identity is outside of the typical definitions of male and female. It is both, neither, and/or off the charts,

For example, I'm non-binary and agender. When people ask me "On a scale fro 0 to 10, with 0 being completely female and 10 being completely male, what is your gender?" My answer is "apple."

@itspomf I only saw it for a sec, but I also really liked what @violetSpark wrote!

@pandora_parrot @itspomf Ha! I deleted it cuz you provided an answer just before I did XD I'll repost though.

@itspomf @pandora_parrot non-binary means different things to different people. For some, they're both male and female. For others, you're neither male nor female (or agender, I think).

I'm just a squishy bag of flesh :3c

@violetSpark @itspomf The fact that it means different things to different people is really important. :)

@funnypanja Some nonbinary people consider themselves neither trans nor cis, so it's not necessarily TERFS


But you put "trans/e by etc" so why wouldn't they have chosen that one?

@funnypanja *shrugs* Several people who don't know the language told me they selected option 3 because they weren't sure about it because they identified as "agender" or "demi gender" and similar responses.

@pandora_parrot is option 3 appropriate if I do not know the answer

@pandora_parrot omg thank you for having a "not either" option because tbh cis/trans is another binary

@pandora_parrot @heytanuki I mean teeechically that'd be covered by enby, right?

Or is that just the home streaming platform? I forget.

@mxsparks @HypnoFox @pandora_parrot "this is just another binary!" i grumble as i pour my soup into the salad bowl, the Olive Garden waitstaff watching in horror, their cheese grater still poised above it

@pandora_parrot I’m agender and I feel I align with both the words transgender and nonbinary because of shared experiences of dysphoria and tactics used to negotiate it

@pandora_parrot there's a philosophical point that I struggle with, which is that I inherently don't like calling GLB folks (myself included) "cis" when heterosexuality is a very large and "important" part of gender conformity, and it's often gender/GNC-based language used to attack us

but then again I don't want to degrade "cis" as a useful identifier, and consider it a term "owned" by trans folks and not by me

@cafealopex All of this is good stuff. :)

Thanks for being considerate, but also thanks for considering these aspects.

I definitely recognize that the trans/cis binary is, like all binaries, false. :D

@pandora_parrot which all goes to say--I counted myself cis in the poll, but there was something to be said for the third option too

@pandora_parrot I voted neither bit what I mean it's I'm not sure yet


I can’t vote on the instance I’m on, so I’ll put it here. I’m a trans girl/woman and nonbinary.

@a_breakin_glass I'm agender as well. I selected trans, because I identify as a gender other than the gender I was assigned at birth.

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