Seriously, these option names seem really confusing to a new or non-savvy user.

I'm thinking they could be:
Broadcast - Public timelines, followers, profile, and boostable

Personal - Followers, mentions, profile, and boostable

Followers-Only - Followers, mentions, not boostable

Direct - Mentions Only

@pandora_parrot Broadcast one is quite good but the Personal one… I don‘t think so because the definition of Personal is highly subjective.
Also the boostability is a de-facto standard, there is nothing preventing non-public posts from being boosted.

@lanodan You can't boost "followers only" or "direct" posts, but you can boost "public" and "unlisted" posts...

@pandora_parrot And what’s your basis for that other than Mastodon behaviour? I’m referring to ActivityPub here, and it has _nothing_ on what is and what isn’t boostable.

@lanodan I'm running a mastodon instance over here, so yeah. Mastodon.

@pandora_parrot Personal kind of fails on a common use of that kind of post (which I forget too often): continuing a thread but leaving only the starting post on the timeline. Or does it do that? I get almost everything from "home", which isn't a timeline.

@anne @pandora_parrot yeah that’s a p common use of unlisted posts

Also a lot of people who dont use content warnings post to unlisted by default?

@pandora_parrot Your proposal is definitely an improvement over the current option names.

@Amuro_Rei Thanks! I'm gonna implement these names on our instsance and see how they work out.

@pandora_parrot also, this may just be a UI thing and I have no idea how birdsite does it, but having DM's as an option for toots is off putting and feels hacky. Pretty much all social media separates DM's from the main form of communicating because of the separation of intent users have with posting toots, and sending messages.

Im bad as explaining myself? So I hope my point comes across?

@nitsu no, I agree. Unfortunately, fixing that is above my level of involvement in the mastodon project at this time. Most we can do around that is advocate it to the project people.

I am not sure about that since Unlisted is still a public statement. It's something that I could see if I was following you personally.

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