OMG, this Roli Seaboard performance is incredible!

It's something else! WOW

@pandora_parrot Agreed! I have no idea where I'd put it, then there's the cost -- but it seems like the best implementation of MPE/poly aftertouch (don't recall which one, or both) that's out there.

@poiseunderchaos It's MPE. It's got "5 dimensions of touch"

Have you considered the Seaboard block? It's way smaller and half the price per octave. And you can buy it in 2 octave chunks instead of as a 4 octave beast.

@poiseunderchaos *(i.e. it's $300 for 2 mini-key octaves vs $1200 for 4 full-sized key octaves)

@pandora_parrot mini keys mess me up (i'm a keyboardist), but hmn, will look again

@poiseunderchaos That might actually help you. I've found, interacting with folks and showing them the seaboard... that while *some* of your keyboadist skills come over, not all of them do, and having something to shake you out of keyboard techniques can really help you play this thing better.

That said... Hand position for chords and such change so much.

@pandora_parrot yeah, exactly. especially when i'm recording, context shifting is challenging enough as it is!

the easiest mini-keys i've found feel sort of like playing violin, because i just transfer some of the playing technique over


this video looks interesting

i like the strip at the top. also some of the players are using a flat-handed approach, rather than standard piano technique, which could make it more like playing a small percussion instrument. nice

@poiseunderchaos It really depends on the sound patch. Depending on what sound you're playing, you really need different playing techniques. Typical piano playing techniques aren't going to work well for a mallet based sound, for example...

@poiseunderchaos To be clear, I'm not a keyboardist. I just play around a bit, record the bits I like. (You can see some of my songs here:

But that said, as a person who doesn't really have strong keyboard training, I really like the smaller keys when I'm just poking at single notes.

I prefer the big Rise when I try to do multi-hand/finger playing.

With both, my playing style varies wildly based on the patch. Mallet sounds I play by striking with my fingers. (cont)

@poiseunderchaos Guitar sounds, I try to do more pitch bending things, like starting on one note and dragging to another. I wind up being more bouncy.

Wind instruments I play very subtly, gently laying my fingers on the keys and throbbing or wobbling for those effects, using hthe gentle subtle dynamics the seaboard enables.

It's all so different.

@pandora_parrot hmmmmm :)

i like that it's possible to vary technique so much! interesting

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