I'm really happy about my general music setup.

Desktop Setup:
1) My "Lunch Box" desktop computer w/ 2 monitors, 1 4k, 1 1080p
2) Roli Seaboard Rise 49
3) Alesis V61 Keyboard
4) Ableton Push v1
5) beyerdynamic DT 990 Headphones

Portable Setup:
1) My 5 year old Macbook Pro
2) Roli Seaboard Block
3) Akai Pro LPK25 Wireless
4) Akai MPD218
5) Novation Mk2 Launchpad Mini
6) beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones

The portable setup fits entirely in my backpack, and I can take it anywhere. I've gone hiking with my portable setup and made some music in the woods and stuff.

The way I have this setup, it gives me roughly the same functionality in either situation. Both the portable and desktop setups have similar functionality. The desktop has more space and more functionality, but most of what I use from it is available in the portable setup.

I did all this setup during the first 3 months after I started to learn music. Basically summer of 2017. I haven't changed it much since then, though I didn't do a lot of music in 2018.

The only thing I struggle with are plugins. Mac and Windows do them very differently, so it can be a bit of a PITA to work with that.

@pandora_parrot Those are both incredible setups, indeed. o.o I've always wanted to explore that world more, but space's always an issue where I live in the bay area.

@99CentSoftness The portable setup actually fits in my lap in extreme cases! I have a video with it!

@pandora_parrot (This is not better, just different. And very, very portable!)

@artsyhonker Yes!

I tried for years to do music that sort of way. It really just doesn't work for me. I need to hear it to know what I'm doing. Music theory alone just isn't enough to feel what I want to do.

@pandora_parrot Yeah, I hear it first, then write it down. But I'm pretty good at transcription.

@pandora_parrot I would really, really, REALLY like a good, portable rastrum pen though.

The ones I can get are either smudgy or crappy or require dip ink (which is... less portable.) I tried making myself a little silverpoint thing by 3D printing the shape on Shapeways but because it's actually silver, it doesn't work quite well enough on untreated paper. I need one of the alloy things they make those everlasting pencil jobbies out of.

I'm working on it. Sigh.

@pandora_parrot The other option here is a template, but that's not necessarily easier to do; and doesn't give me the freedom to draw curved scores, which I'd like to do.

@pandora_parrot "Crapitalism is efficient," they said, "you can buy anything you want," they said.

Nope nope nope nope nope.

@pandora_parrot So how do you sync the music you make on portable to your desktop?​ Via cloud? USB? SD​ card?

@writerlionel SO ABOUT THAT. The data side is easy. I have previously just synced with Dropbox. All my projects in Ableton are stored there.

Unfortunately, there's a mismatch in VST stuff. It frequently can't find the same VST, or convert from AU to VST and back. So the end result is that a project I start in one place, I also finish there.

I could put time into fixing that, but it's not a dire limitation.

@pandora_parrot Ah makes sense. If you have all the tools to finish a track on one, no need to transfer to another. Wouldn't it make things difficult though when, say, you're trying to decide on what tracks to put together into an EP or album?

@writerlionel Perhaps! But I'm still "learning to do music" so I'll solve the "make an album" problem later. :P

@writerlionel My "Pinfeathers Passing" playlist on my soundcloud contains a lot of the songs I consider actually decent. The older stuff was me still working on understanding basics, I think:

@pandora_parrot Listening to it now. Loving the 80s new wave/synthpop on your tracks. And those deep 808s.

@writerlionel I love the 808! I have a Roland Boutique TR-08 just because of that. :P

@pandora_parrot Oh my bad, you already mentioned Dropbox. Disregard my response.

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