Now that I don't have a Facebook account, it's SHOCKING just how much content I can't get access to. How frequently someone links to Facebook and I can't see the results without creating a dummy FB account. As the saying goes "That's how they getchya"

@pandora_parrot also me

my usual reaction is the same as when i find out a website requires tracking js to even work

"if it's not vital to my existence it is not important and i don't care"

which isn't always the most convenient but i mean :x

i wouldn't be on mastodon if i believed in convenience

@pandora_parrot Honestly, the longer you're off of Facebook, the less and less essential it'll seem. Before you know it, you'll wonder why you were ever on that trash site in the first place ^~^

@pandora_parrot weird, I never see FB stuff. It /is/ possible to not see it, I suppose. We'll get there

@pandora_parrot I dumped it during the real name fiasco of 2010 and never looked back.
You just have to not even bother with the links.

@pandora_parrot I know the feeling. I deleted mine for about 5 months recently and it was insane. I ended up recreating just due to the large amount of people and stuff I kept missing. I really don't like the network effect it has where people get sucked into it and refuse to use other platforms.

@WalterLuigi It doesn't have to be that way either. They design it *specifically* to cause that effect. This effect is INTENTIONAL. And that upsets me.

@pandora_parrot Oh I know, but that effect is their business model. :/ It's how they stay alive, afloat, and profiting off of their users (their only real product).

They dump millions into keeping it that way and ensuring that so many platforms are heavily integrated with theirs, to where life without facebook is more difficult than life with it. Because, if we leave, they can't sell all our data to the highest bidder.

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