transphobia, uspol 

You know what the rules about employment discrimination are about?

It means a return to the idea that in order to transition, you had *better* "transition successfully." I.e. You'd better be passable.

If you're not, bigots are free to fire you.

It's a return to the old ways where trans people were expected to blend in and become perfectly invisible within the cisgender world.

I started my transition at the end of that era. I don't want to return to it.

re: transphobia, uspol 

@pandora_parrot ... same. :/ I'm hearing all those same voices in my head that my 13 year old self had drilled into her...

transphobia, uspol 

@pandora_parrot hard. fucking. same.

transphobia, uspol 

@pandora_parrot That is horrible. Why can't people accept the simple truth that trans people are PEOPLE first and should have the same rights as everybody else?

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