New drawing (don’t remember if I posted the in progress pic or not)

code complaining 

Just watched the documentary "All Hail the Algorithm". It was a well made one and very much informative about how the established social media are design to be defective.

But like many others, it doesn't suggest solution to this critical issue.

Help other to discover @Mastodon, @peertube, @pixelfed and many others in #fediverse.

Tell people that #FreeSoftware respects their freedom as they do

free band name 

I love that the furry fandom is, besides a big geek fandom, a great big queer haven as well. Full of folk with all sorts of variant orientations, genders, ideals, and even philosophies.

Honestly it's great.

YOU'RE great!

i got hungry so i ate my gender. I ate yours too. forgive me

You are enough. You've always been enough and you're valid!

Constantly feeling like you're not gay/trans/enby enough is gay/trans/enby culture.

What if all the abandoned corners of the internet are haunted? All those links to pages that no longer exist, except they live on in ghost space. Some who fear to move on cling to these fading edges where the living can't find them...

meta please read im ok and safe but please read and be nice to me 

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Give my new EP, Vibe, a listen. Featuring:

Cloud Rave




Death Stranding, uh... spoiler... i guess...??? 

Death Stranding spoilers 

Death Stranding 

I actually took a day off last Saturday. I pretty much sat around doing next to nothing. I never do that.

I did lift like 6 pieces of furniture to go upstairs to @coda's room, but that's it. And that was *all day*.

It was nice to just relax like that. I need that.

You know me, I don't like to call too much attention to this part of the writing process, but if you enjoy my stories and have a few spare pennies a month; I wouldn't mind taking a couple.

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Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.