It's in September which should HOPEFULLY be after everyone is vaccinated and healthy.

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So I may have just been invited to help run a furry convention... Should I help out? It's Furry Migration in Minneapolis. (I think yes. :) )

“Since Black Lives Matter protests gained national prominence following the 2014 police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., the movement has spread to hundreds of cities and towns across the U.S. Now a new study shows police homicides have significantly decreased in most cities where such protests occurred.”

I was so worried about not having anyone to fly with out here, and here I am already planning a backcountry camping trip with some friends for the summer.

The weirdest part of moving out here to mIchigan? It feels like time STARTED again.

Like, when I moved from Cleveland, Oh to California, it felt like time stopped because the weather got so...static.

Having moved back here, I feel like my 15 year long summer is finally over.

cloud gaming 

Now that I have Shadow PC, I am cancelling GeForceNow. It offers me very little over what this service can do for me.

Stadia and Luna are more like video game *consoles* in the cloud and may yet serve a purpose in my gaming life.

But GFN is definitely unnecessary on top of Shadow PC.

Decided to get an extra 256GB on it for $3/month extra so I could install Flight Simulator. :)

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Played through FrostPunk on my Shadow PC the last two nights. FANTASTIC game. And I'm loving the ability to use my personal MacBook as a high powered Windows gaming machine.

I don't like big, heavy, and hot laptops like gaming laptops, and I prefer Mac for software related stuff. So having Shadow PC on there is very nice. And a GTX 1080 powered gaming rig for $12/month isn't too bad.

Our aim is to be moved out of here on June 20, 2021, and into our new house. We've been able to tour the new house the past few weekends, and OMG it's so large and beautiful. I can't wait to live there.

I love this website where you can download an app and turn someone's lights on and off:

I have several flight simulation things available for sale and/or giveaway.

1) New in box Honeycomb Alpha Flight Yoke
2) Well used Logitech Pro Throttle Quadrant
3) Used Wheel Stand S flight stand
4) Well used Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X

My airplane is on its way to Michigan! It just landed in Salt Lake City, UT right now, and is proceeding here. Should be here tomorrow!

Well that's annoying. My webcam has stopped working with Discord. Any webcam, specifically with discord on my Windows machine.

Plus, I can use my work macbook and whatnot to access it.

Very curious about how well it will wind up working.

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I'm trying out Shadow PC by the end of the month.

This is basically a remote Windows computer designed for running games, charging $15/month.

While I have an amazing gaming computer, it's the family/household computer. My personal PC is an older little machine running with a GTX 970 onboard.

Cloud computing like this has a lot of potential to extend the life of that machine for many things.


I have, at times, been a cutie. 4 year old picture.

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