Playing D&D and flying planes are two of my favorite things... Though I really love making music, too... And I really wish I had more time to learn to draw.

us covid 

Shit. 2.5% of the USA population has, or has had covid-19 now.

I play Kerbal Space Program as a construction game...

I'm gonna play some kerbal space program. Should I play Career, Science, or Sandbox? I only ever really played sandbox back in the day. Stopped playing before the other modes came in, but I'm not sure if I'd really enjoy them or not...

uspol, link to fox news person 

The fact that this is a legit Fox news guy posting this is absolutely and utterly hilarious. Like, do you guys actually LOOK at the pictures you're sharing? Like, at all?

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uspol, link to fox news person 

When you absolutely positively want to show you've got legit evidence of American individuals doing cover ups, uncovered by Americans, you should always use your phone to take a picture of a blackberry showing a picture of an iphone that is connected to a russian cellular network.


God. Working is so hard right now. I'm so depressed and unmotivated.

Played the new spirits in the Jagged Earth expansion for spirit island recently. @coda is loving playing wildfire. @hyenagirl64 enjoyed playing as disease... And I played "Many Minds move as one" which is basically a flock of birds.

It was awesome.

Studying for instrument test 

The answer is that since you're holding south of the VOR, your inbound course for the hold will be heading 360. Since no turn instructions were given, default to right turns. On the 330 radial, you're tracking 150. As you cross over the VOR, you're roughly reversed in course for the hold and need to come back around. Since the hold is right turns, you're heading towards the outside of the hold and should do a teardrop entry.


My brain feels fried.

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Studying for instrument test 

Question after question after question of this kind of thing:

If you are asked to hold south of a VOR on the 180 radial while you are 16.5 nm away from the VOR on the 330 radial with a 5 degree wind correction, how should you enter the hold?

mh - 

God. I spent like... so much time just... feeling like I'm going to collapse with tears.

I need to connect with board game players in Ann Arbor once I move there. Oy.

Admin stuff, mastodon software upgrade, boosts OK 

OK, getting this weird error when trying to rails db:migrate

'ERROR: relation "index_accounts_on_username_and_domain_lower" does not exist'

and well, yes it doesn't

Didn't do anything with that though and did all version upgrades as far as I know, so anyone knows what's the issue?

Ordered more bubble wrap for packing... It was carefully packed in bubble wrap to protect it...


I'm really upset and worried about @AzureHusky being in the hospital, but I know she's doing fine and getting the care she needs. It just sucks.

oh I didn't know that my birthday had been chosen as the International Day of Pronouns!

neopronouns are awesome and non-binary ppl make the world a better place and everybody deservers to have their pronouns respected. by claiming your pronouns you fight for all of us. solidarity ✊ :nonbinary_flag: :sparkles_nb:

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