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Pls CW pictures of the new Pokemon movie the Pokemon look like my nightmares and I am scared.

Damn. I’m exhausted. I slept until noon and I’m already tired at 11:30. Yeesh

Do I know any trans folks who go by Alex and use She/Hers pronouns? I’ve got some awesome buttons that I no longer need since I’ve changed my name, and I’d rather they go to another trans person than just be thrown away.

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My goal in life is for literally everyone to be gay for me

It’ll look even better when we get the next batch of labels in, but gosh these shelves look great with nes/snes boxes!

Just kidding, please look forward to me having no energy to process anything because I’ll be arriving at a miserable hour in ANY time zone. Pray for me

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Some magic in an Underdark campaign got so over-the-top my character looked at the camera like in The Office and it felt appropriate

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Tried mega man 11 last night. Died almost instantly. This game clearly needs to be played with a better controller than the default switch. It was hurting my hands after only a few minutes of play. Same as Celeste would make me feel.

I am going to fly so much in a few weeks after thanksgiving. Omg. It’s gonna be lit

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