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Okay fediverse. How should I spend my Sunday?

- Read some books
- Go walking/ingressing
- Make some music
- Work on my computer game
- Play board games with friends
- Play some switch games I've been looking at

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Hey @Matchlightlife and @LeadSandwichArtist I had a great time visiting you two! Thanks for putting @coda and I up!


Went to bed late, skipped lunch, and spent two hours at 8500 ft.

I need dinner.

Me trying to explain federation to my bff: uh it’s like katamari Damacy where you’re trying to roll up all the stuff but the stuff is other servers and-

Pro tip: if you're on a Mastodon instance running a relatively recent version (2.5.0 is the earliest I've been able to check):

* Go to <your instance>/filters (here, for example, it's
* Add New Filter
* Add the keyword "womenarestupid", click all four filter contexts, check "drop instead of hide", and uncheck "whole word".

This will remove these racist, misogynist, and now homophobic spam posts from your timelines and won't even leave a tombstone behind.

h/t @Osiri

I just got one of these:

And I gotta say... the new MacBook keyboards are a DREAM to type on. Not the ones just prior to this generation. Just this generation. BUT OMG I LOVE IT.

🌈Hey, ya fucking GaY🌈
Yeah you Makin a video GaMe all by yourself. Tell me about your game. For an article. Please. LGBTQA+ game artists and devs, dm me about your stuff!

Snuggling someone while you both do completely independent things is pure heaven.

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