"you work at the billionaire factory, I don't think we can be friends"

"it's okay though, i refused to join the murder team"

"...why was there a murder team... never mind" *click*

Feathered Serpents from Mansions of Madness second edition. Six hours of painting for the pair.


@pandora_parrot Agreed. I did a rant on this earlier today about my gender being more of a process and social space I occupy than a fixed or quantifiable attribute.

climate change and politics. 

@pandora_parrot True. Rather than blaming human error at an individual level, we need radical, structural changes to society and culture that will reshape human behavior at the population level.

climate change and politics. 

Like. We're putting out 14.5 trillion pounds of carbon a year. My carbon footprint is a minuscule fraction of that.

Fretting and worrying about how to minimize this stuff isn't going to help anyone or anything.

But voting for real change and people to put policies together that really change things WILL.

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climate change and politics. 

I don't spend a lot of time trying to minimize my impact on climate change, despite feeling this is a massively important issue.


Because any choices I make can have only a minuscule effect overall. We need large scale legislation, taxes, etc. to change what's going on.

Me driving less or flying less is gonna do almost nothing. Me voting for policies and people dedicated to fixing the climate will do a lot more.


Sometimes, I feel like the obsession with finding one's "true" or "essential" self leads us to some really strange metaphysical claims. Like we have a soul that is essentially male, female, gay, straight, non-binary, pansexual, etc.

For me, my experience is that I don't have a "true" self. There's just endless varying aspects of me.

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I find the idea that people were "always the identity they currently identify with" a strange notion.

Like.. At times in my life I've identified and presented as male, female, non-binary, and more.

I don't feel like I've "always been non-binary" because that's what I am now.

I think they're just different labels I've applied to describe a shifting landscape of self and society.

twitter drama 

In the process of doing this, I have been subjected to death threats, ageism, classism, and people making jokes about fucking my dead mother.

*These* are the people I'm supposed to believe are advocates of lesbian justice?!

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twitter drama 

I've been so intensely frustrated with bi/pan lesbian discourse on the internet, so I decided to wade in on it this evening for once.

it's an important day at work today so your latex lizard work spouse has themselves all shiny and nice from their everyday dull appearance.

You can even see a reflection of yourself in them like a mirror! Well... kind of...

health issues 

I’m depressed. I screwed up my back on Friday trying to move couches, and have been largely unable to move since. It comes and goes, but I mostly can barely walk or stand.

I was gonna be camping with friends at OshKosh, but there’s no way I’m going there or sleeping in a tent while my back is like this.

So I’m just stuck in the house watching TV. I’m so bored and lonely.

There was someone on here who was willing to introduce me to other folks on VR Chat, but I forget who. Anyone out there using it and interested in inviting me around?

Ugh. I injured my back yesterday carrying couches out of the basement. I was carrying a couch out my door and something in my back just went “twang” and I fell to the floor screaming.

For the rest of the night I was just laying in pain. Today it doesn’t hurt as much, but every spasm causes my muscles to give out. :(

@pandora_parrot tbh on the climate science side of things it’s more like one of the scientists is crying and the other is holding their head in their hands

I've been really enjoying going on VR Chat with folks. People I've met so far have been really awesome, at least if I met them through other friends. Randos in public instances are hit or miss, largely miss.

OMG, Outer Wilds in VR is absolutely stunning.

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