Hair dye has been applied to the @poss_bot .

I hope I did a good job!

Anyone have a recommendation for a podcast app for iOS that's not the built in one?

Apple's slowly been changing their features in ways that prevent me from doing what I wanted to, and the podcast app is quickly degrading in quality (for me), would like a new one.

Okay seriously. Whatโ€™s the etiquette on asking people to silence their phones and tablets in public? I feel like itโ€™s just getting worse and worse these days.

I have an audio processing disorder and this level of audio crosstalk is abjectly painful for me

This is good ace succubus representation and I love it.


My plane should be up and running tomorrow... If it is... where should I fly this weekend?

Getting pretty close to 10% on my new Kickstarter! That'd be a great milestone to hit on Day 1. ๐Ÿ˜„โ€‹

I'm not sure if the dude in the middle is the worst, of if that honor goes to the lady on the left that clearly is experiencing existential horror at... SOMETHING

The more you look at it the worse it gets

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*goes onto dentist website to get address*


*quickly scrolls past*

You know... I like being an adult. It's got a lot of cool benefits.

Twitter: "Oh God, someone with a non-illustrated, non-pastel, non-animal-person icon just interacted with my post. Time to never type again."

Mastodon: "Hello, yes, fellow lefty-socialist gender/sexual/race minority, let us chat freely~! And might I mention that your selfie is quite adorable?"

Some day I wanna work on becoming a good enough pilot, get more certs, and become a CFI to teach other people to fly airplanes.

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