communism and capitalism 

The capitalistic one, with its basis on limited resources, was replete with people stealing and fighting to maintain their power structures. Constantly fighting one another to stay on top with enough to survive and function.

It's implied, though not discussed, that the capitalistic society artifically creates the state of limited resources.

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communism and capitalism 

Read Greg Egan's latest book. It portrayed two different societies, one communistic and one capitalistic.

The communistic society shared generously, without concern about concepts of ownership or trade. People just do for others as they are able and desire to do. Communities work together to decide what needs doing, and people step up and do it.

It proposes the notion that this society only exists, in part, due to an overabundance of resources.

Can I just vanish into a genderless pile of goo? Thank you.


"A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies. The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure."


video game opinion 

So like... I don't think the Dark Souls games are actualy very good.

Like, they're bad game design that punishes the player. I do like the challenge they create, but I think that challenge is better handled in some other games, like Jedi: Fallen Order.

In Fallen Order, you're given opportunities to learn how to do things, and can turn the difficulty down if somethign is too challenging. It's a lot more friendly to the player.

i love challenge, but Dark Soul just isnt' 4 me

Greg Egan novels are always super science plus gender and sexuality stuff. Always.

Given also that “no pictures of Greg Egan exist on the internet” I’ll eat my hat if it turns out the guy isn’t some flavor of queer.

6th Sense meme, autism 

Seriously though, I am constantly running into autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people, or people I'd *SWEAR* are such, but because of the culture to which they belong, they don't actually believe they are such. Or perhaps the idea has never crossed their mind.

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6th Sense meme, autism 

I see autistic people. They don't know they're autistic.

How often do you see them?

Walking around like allistic people. They usually recognize each other, but they don't understand why. They only see what neurotypical society lets them see. They don't know they're autistic.

Guardian, Butler, protest in London 

"On Tuesday next week there will be a demonstration against the Guardian UK censoring Prof Judith Butler. 5pm, King's Place, London N1 9GU (just behind Kings Cross Station.

Please come if you can."

Posting takes on current events always feels... not great to me? Like, yes, I could point out that I'm upset/happy about thing XYZ, but what's the value of doing so, most of the time?

I'd rather talk about things that aren't "current events" most of the time.

(There are definitely exceptions.)


Facebook, Amazon, and Disney are engaging in so many monopolistic tactics of late. It's upsetting that no one is challenging them for these things.

I don't know why, but caring about work lately has been really challenging.

Goal is to "fly around the world" but really, it's to have a consistent movement going on.

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First two legs were KPTK -> KFNT and KFNT -> KHYX.

My rules are that I can't change the live weather, but I *can* change the time of day just to be able to see what I'm doing or set the lighting how I want it.

I can fly any aircraft out of any location to the next, but can't refuel mid flight.

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I've finally started my world wild flying tour in Flight Simulator. For the past two nights, I turn it on on my xbox before bed and fly for a little bit, picking it up again the next day.

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