if someone's unpleasant to you, just block them. there's 8 BILLION humans on the planet, I promise your FOMO over blocking one rude asshole is unwarranted. you'll never miss them

internet controversy 

Came upon this fascinating interview with Lindsey Ellis about her experiences since leaving twitter and youtube. It's a really interesting discussion about being a human being on the internet.



Just got a lot of labs done. Everything is good except my triglycerides, which are super high. Cholesterol actually look sgreat for once!

I can barely think or sit still. The idea that I might grow my hair back next year is blowing my mind...

I've had this disease since 2011. There hasn't been a cure until THIS YEAR.

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OMG OMG! I might be starting olumiant.com/ next week! I might be getting my hair back!

So strange that I'm turning 42 in a few weeks!

Also... AWESOME YEAR. The meaning of life the universe and everything!

Vinesauce's play of "I am Jesus Christ" is one of the most hilarious Vinesauce videos I've ever seen: youtube.com/watch?v=HdYyEW1YNT

The sounds of Zelda and Super Mario brothers are permanently burned into my brain and attached to nostalgic sensations of joy

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Gosh, this retrospective really captures what it felt like to play NES games in the 1980s: youtube.com/watch?v=BcEt1J4U2b

And I’ve just always had a tough time with that. I tend to feel like embracing an extreme or hardline view of most things has mostly just had a negative impact on me and my social circles. I really ache for trying to balance different needs and perspectives with respect for all involved, even though i do sometimes suck at it and can get really entrenched in where i stand on something.

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Today it might be topics around art and AI/ML stuff but really any topic that is inherently about “online” lately has suffered from this kind of extreme polarization IMO. Including which social networks suck and which ones are good. Is it harmful to leave twitter? Harmful to stay?

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I’m always utterly skeptical of anybody who says they have a clearly right answer and that, no, it’s not necessary to balance anyone else’s perspective on the matter with their own

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transphobic violence 

I don't know about you, but the fact that a bunch of transphobic assholes took out power for a town of 40,000 people just to stop a drag show is fucking terrifying.

Meanwhile, the right wing talking heads are ramping up their anti-trans rhetoric. It's not good.

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