Sorry I’ve been quiet. I’m working through some super intense anxiety and depression right now.

Went for a walk and did some wood working today to work on relaxation. Seems to be helping with the intense anxiety attack and breakdown I had earlier this week.

PIcked up one of those Game and Watch Super Mario Brothers things. It's so good.


I'm losing my self-control/sanity. FOURTEEN people in my immediate circle have contracted Covid-19 in the past week.



And another at a "recorded conversation with Antifa"

This is absurd.

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Listening to Rudy Giulani's press conference.

They 're claiming Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013, was involved in the election fraud Trumpians are claiming exists.

I just did an absolute spit take on that.

S3: E5 of Star Trek Discovery is just about the most Star Trek: TNG-esque episode of a Star Trek show I've seen in a very long time.

Tomorrow evening (Nov 19th) at 7:30 GMT I'm giving a free livestreamed classical cello + piano concert. It will be about 70 mins long.

I've been working toward this since the summer and I am really looking forward to sharing the music!

Direct link: #cello #livemusic #music #concert #freemusic


Wow. I'm bad shape. There's no enthusiasm to my voice and I feel dizzy and nauseous.


Are there actually people that join the discord of every game they like?

I understand when people say "These aren't my preferred pronouns. They *ARE* my pronouns". The political point, especially, makes a lot of sense.

But for me, the pronouns I ask people to use with me *are* preferences. I don't really feel like I can describe them as anything else, as any pronoun more or less feels functional enough for me... But I absolutely have preferences of which ones people should use.


@pandora_parrot Pro tip: Plushies don't get Covid.

I've succesfully replaced all social contacts with plushies.


Well that was fun. Had a serious, chest tightening, breathing difficulty, panic attack earlier today.


In the past week, nine people in my near immediate social circle got covid-19.

Two friends, their two kids, my wife's boss, my housemate's sister, HER two kids, and my housemate's father.

*hides in a blanket*

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