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There was never a notable presence of vikings in Iceland, although a few may have "retired" there, but I guess that doesn't matter to tourists, or those who want their money.

Are you having an *switches to Swedish voice * affär?

We have to go to affären and it's a funny word.

New Kids on the Block today: those old people who have lived on the block for three and a half decades.
Feel old yet?

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New Kids on the Block were the original new types of guys.

health care systems, disease 

People would be like "but you have a tech job and good insurance, what's the problem?" when I complained about the US system.
The problem is that you need a tech job and a good insurance.
The problem is that everyone doesn't have access to that kind of care.
Sorry, but I'm unable to think only about myself like that.

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health care systems, disease 

Last year, my mom found out that she had cancer, again.
A new one.
Two or three days later, it had been removed.
During a pandemic.
I'm not going to deny that waiting times can be long for less urgent things, or that things are sometimes misjudged, or that other mistakes happen.
But having seen some alternatives, I know that I prefer the system that doesn't care about the thiccness of your wallet.
My mom has little money and has had multiple life-saving treatments.

I don't have a lens for good animal shots but today the friends were close enough for some decent ones.

Texas politician on the blackout 

Feels both like none of my business and like very much everyone's business since we have to share a planet.

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Pretty funny for a politician to say that you shouldn't expect any "handouts" and just manage on your own, to the people who are all chipping in with taxes to pay his salary.
Everyone should get together and help me, but not each other.

Today is the first day of Góa, the penultimate winter month.

Texas politician on the blackout 

A Texas politician said the blackout is due to over-reliance on "windmills," and fossil fuels are the way to go.
They really must assume that their voters are completely oblivious about the rest of the world, where it frequently gets colder than TX, and the "windmills" keep working.
This is their own doing, and the doings of unregulated capitalism, but their propaganda apparatus will probably repeat this as if it's true.

Slow loris compared to what?
Are there faster lorises?


I like this build options stuff.
Going back and making some programs more easily configurable:


All those hl-, hn- ? They just make the consonant after the h voiceless.

Except for hv-,
that one becomes kv- :blobcatevil:

I want to meet a donkey, they seem so nice.

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