Food, cursed 

@Moss Does that make potatoes the periods of the earth?

"Asgard or Asgardarchaeota is a proposed superphylum consisting of a group of archaea that includes Lokiarchaeota, Thorarchaeota, Odinarchaeota, and Heimdallarchaeota."


skulking skull king

walker → göngugrind
dish rack → uppþvottagrind
climbing frame / jungle gym (?) → klifurgrind

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@schratze therefore an adblocker can be called a satanstopper

skeleton → beinagrind
abacus → talnagrind

Kink, getting pissy 

@schratze Maybe Wii On-U was rejected as too obvious.


@schratze but there are possible kink interpretations!

My brain for no reason: Oh, Wii U, We You, I get it now... no, I still don't get it.

train propaganda 

@schratze I live in Berlin, which is a constant reminder

If I try to sound sillily German and dial up the silliness too much I just become Danish instead.

@seachaint They did it. They invented something worse than plain JSON.

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