potato selfie, not-quite-EC 

I can almost do the gay side-hair now.

I don't have a lens for good animal shots but today the friends were close enough for some decent ones.

Added punycode hostname support in my prompt.
Ported an existing implementation to Zig because all the ones I could find depended on libc.

Look, Responsive™.
I want to make it nice on phones even if I can't use it myself.

Programming, confused 

I have a Wayland client, using only libwayland-client, to experiment with UI stuff.
I draw some crap on a wayland surface, and have a main loop that processes wayland events.
It works fine, I can drag windows and do whatever else that I've implemented.
But after a short while, I get this dialogue that says my program is not responding.
Any ideas why?
(It continues to work if I click "Wait," and even logs pointer events while the dialogue is up.)


Improved the UI, I think.
Realised that one might want to input more than one line, oops.

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