It's only a car if it comes from the Carthago region in present day Tunisia, otherwise it's just a sparkling horseless carriage.

@owl On that topic, Things are not "Hella" cool unless they come from Hella in south Iceland. Otherwise they are just "Sparkling" cool. (which doesn't sound that bad to be honest)

@owl turns out that cars have spurred into existence in several different historical locations independent of each other, and they've had their convergent evolution only lately

another important origin of cars is the Carsruhe region in Germany

@owl and new autonomous zones are popping up all around the world

@owl @Stoori I have never thought of the bil in Billund as "car". I'm gonna need a moment.

@rune @owl @Stoori I recently visited billund and thought to myself "oh hey, car woods!"

@owl wait but it can't be a carriage if it does not come from the Carthago region in present day Tunisia

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