There was cloudberry glögg at the market


It was slippery outside which made me think of German glitchig and if it's related to English glitch, and it is!
When your software glitches it's just slippery inside the computer.

@owl all the ones and zeros sliding about bumping into each other

@IngaLovinde I don't know, wiktionary does not mention it :)

@owl @IngaLovinde
It is spelled "glitschig", but yes, it is pronounced similar to glitch (in German "sch" forms together the phone [ʃ], it's complicated I know) and does mean slippery. It seems to refer to areas made smooth and slippery to let timber glide down (slides), only later also to ice slides for people.
On the other hand: about "Gletscher" Wikipedia states that it has been developed (in several steps) from Latin glaciēs = ice, the same as the English glacier.

@blueplanetslittlehelper @IngaLovinde Ah, I frequently mess up sch even though I lived in Germany, and wish that it would adopt a Turkish-like Ş, and also use that for other combinations of letters that make the same sound, like "s" before "p" or "t" in the beginning of a syllable.

"sp" and "st" have a different phoneme attached to the simple "sch" (just like the "tch" in "glitch", only after). But yeah, there is truth in the saying "Deutsche Sprache - schwere Sprache" (German Language - difficult language). I don't speak Turkish, but in Russian there are different letters for [ʃ], [ʃtʃ] and [tʃ], idk if that would be better.

@blueplanetslittlehelper @IngaLovinde Yeah it's like schp and scht, I mean it would then be spelled Şpeise, Ştein, glitşig, etc. And a ç would be nice too.

I could live with that, esp since there are words where "st" does be pronounced "st", like Post (mail) or Kosten (cost). But I fear that stems from the many loanwords 🤷
German is stingy, I think (You need another sound? - No, not another letter. Put dots on it). They even cut out the letter ſ (long s) a hundred years ago, even if it would be a great help to distinguish between the phonemes "scht" and "st" etc.
But I'm glad I'm not French.

@owl through Yiddish and 1940s US radio jargon and the space program[me] according to etymonline. Which is quite the potted history

Brain now full of Old English types gracefully to glīdenne on ice only to glitch and end up in a dīċ

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