Normal Netflix: Works in few browsers, on few operating systems, and even few libc, forces you to run Google or Apple DRM malware (yes, on Firefox too,) etc.

Pirated Netflix: Just Works on anything that can play video.

Sometimes the cheapest option is also the best.

Even if you have an approved OS and approved browser with approved DRM malware binary blob, there's still problems that prevent playback, degrade quality, etc. Then there's geographical restrictions, shows that you were watching that get pulled (even when we had Netflix I had to hop around with VPN sometimes,) and many other innovations that together make it a worse option than
· Click magnet link.
· Wait for a while.
· Enjoy in your media player of choice.

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Also you don't have to go on the internet and find torrents to pirate if it feels unsafe.
You can ask a friend to put the movie on a USB stick for you.
Like people did with cassette tapes, video tapes, CDs, and other things, before capitalists started innovating it away.

"Currently, private copy royalties are generated in the US by the sale of 'blank CDs and personal audio devices, media centers, satellite radio devices, and car audio systems that have recording capabilities.'"
Seems like USian friends and others ( are already paying for friend-to-friend copying anyway, just like here.

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@owl . . . *blinks*

That is /so fucking obvious/ now that you mention it! but it still took mentioning it!

@owl and us in Sweden still pay extra money when buying anything with storage because of Privatkopieringsavgift to explicitly make copying between friends legal as long as the source is legally obtained, so you have a moral duty to use it to deprive them of profits whenever you can

@ChlorideCull @owl same system exists in the netherlands as the 'thuiskopieheffing'!

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