@Loki_Leigh It's the only one I could find that doesn't hurt me 😬

@owl Fair. I really want to get this one, but I'm waiting for the pre-assembled one to come into stock keyhive.xyz/shop/sofle

@Loki_Leigh Looks nice :)
I have a similar one for portable needs

@owl If I get tired of waiting, I might buy the DIY kit and make my husband put it together since they know how to solder.

@owl how have you liked your split keyboard? I’m curious as to how they compare long term to normal keyboards honestly

@sigsegv I love it. Have been using split keyboards for many years now. Split and ortholinear is my favourite. Got an MS "ergonomic" keyboard at my new job and it's just awful in comparison (also the switches are mushy garbage which doesn't help.)

@owl What’s the main advantage in your eyes? Just ergonomics? I enjoy the look of them and imagine it might help my hands to feel less garbage typing for long periods of time…maybe it’s time I look into one.

@sigsegv I had terrible pain that made it impossible to work, so I went through a bunch of ergonomic keyboards and this was the one that helped. :)
Some other ones were similar but seemed to assume larger hands so I had to reach for some common keys which was bad.
This one is also fully open source, hardware as well as software, which I've also taken advantage of, and I hope that will make it easier to keep it alive forever.

@owl ohhh that keyboard. What is it? I want to touch it. :blobcataww:

It's a Keyboardio Model 01, which is sold out, but an updated version is in production: kickstarter.com/projects/keybo

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