Collective transit should be free.

And there should not be a whole bunch of profit-extracting corporations involved in it.

Then I would lose my job and would have a lot of time to go on collective transit!


Municipality has noted that only 50% of travel happens by bus, bike or other non-car means here, and wants it to be 65% in two years.
What if it didn't cost almost-Berlin-money to ride.

At least you can ride however you want and don't need a second ticket to get back home, I guess.
That added quite a bit to the cost of my prescriptions.

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@owl Like 10 years ago a friend joked about cashback for buying new "environmentally friendly" cars. Like, doesn't that mean that *we* should be paid for using public transport or just riding bikes instead of the other way around?

I think there's some truth in that.

@human_equivalent Yeah.
At my previous job people were getting some benefits related to their commute, parking fees and whatnot.
There was no such thing for bikes.
I submitted receipts for all my bike-commute-related expenses anyway, and got reimbursed.
Nobody even asked about it. 🤔
But still, there's so much incentive to use cars everywhere...

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