@owl *tiny VW bug pulls up, an army of axe-wielding barbarian warriors spills out*

@owl can fit so many physics-defying muscledudes in it!

@IceWolf @owl Barbariosons, they collapse into a single point when you gather them together.

@schratze @owl Little car, rounded dome top! Officially called a "Beetle" IWRC.

@IceWolf @owl I'm aware of the car, I just never heard it being called a bug before

@schratze @owl Ohh! Might be an American or even regional thing for all I know.

@IceWolf @schratze "Hitlerslæden (Hitler-sled) in Denmark"

@IceWolf @owl reminds me of all the nicknames for Trabant cars from the old GDR

@IceWolf @owl my favorites are:
roofed spark plug
plastic bomber
walking aid

@schratze @IceWolf
"In 1997, the Trabant was celebrated for passing the 'Elchtest'"
Slap a moose sticker on it and drive up to Sweden!
Wait, are there even meese in Germany?

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