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really getting sick of corporate copy writers' bullshit, friends

y'know what would really improve my experience on your site, Paypal? less bullshit while you try and productize my use of your sketch-ass services.

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an entire bullshit industry built around processing payment transactions between two parties that exists solely because the financial institutions that already do this work, namely banks and credit unions, continue to use the oldest, least capable systems for handling bank transfers possible while they turn around and underwrite the IPOs of these shit companies. fucking rackets everywhere. and I cannot stand tennis goddammit!

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@djsundog in Iceland and Sweden there's no point in using PayPal within the country, because the banks work. Just ask for an account number instead of a PayPal email, no fees for domestic stuff. It's been like that for decades, as long as I've been doing bank stuff here. Imagine my surprise when I tried working in the supposedly high-tech Bay Area, and couldn't do that or get fibre or use electronic ID like in a little foresty village 20 years ago. 🤔

@owl imagine my surprise twenty years ago traveling to europe and finding out that other places let shit just work! I was aghast! how? how could this be possible?

@djsundog There is a publicly owned fibre network connecting every house in this city. I have heard that this is terrible and will prevent competition. But there's a bunch of ISPs offering different services on top of that network, paying back to the public for using the infra. Seems to work pretty well. Now if only more things could work like that… :/

@owl any time that happens here the government (spurred into action by the corporate lobbies) immediately mobilizes a strike force to pass the necessary laws to prevent it from being possible any more for as large a chunk of territory as they think they can get away with, and frankly, they underestimate themselves.


@djsundog I'm just waiting for some "free market" fundamentalists to ruin this as soon as they get enough power.

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