I wonder if any "Fahrenheit makes more sense for weather" people grew up with Celsius. To me it's all about what I'm used to, so it wasn't easy at all to understand what some F temperature feels like, just because 100 means "hotter than you've ever experienced outside of a sauna," and 0 means "colder than winters ever get anymore."

@owl I do get the impression it helps to live somewhere the temperatures match the Fahrenheit range

terrible idea 

@ghost_bird @owl
We should have temperature zones just like we have time zones!

The temperature for the place where you live is scaled from 0 to 100 based on the average highs and lows.

For example, in Copenhagen, the temperature zone would be 0° == 0C and 100° == 25C.

In Phoenix, the temperature zone would be 0° == 25C and 100° == 45C.

terrible idea 

@Tak @owl This is a genuinely terrible idea and I love it

terrible idea 

@Tak @ghost_bird @owl

In Helsinki it would be between 0°C == -20°C and and 100°C == +30°C, what a terrible scale :')

Makes as much sense to me as Fahrenheit, I'm so used to 100°C for boiling water and 0°C for freezing water, it's difficult to think in any other terms
@owl 100F is close to body temp (~38C), so it's really not that hot, and as a person living in Finland, if your Sauna doesn't get to at least 80C, you might be doing it wrong (unless you really just want to sit in a very warm room, in which case, you're doing it just right).

@andreasgeisler I don't spend a lot of time inside people's bodies though. 🤔
And like I said, I haven't experienced that kind of heat *outside* of a sauna. Now I have though, but it's not a more useful reference point than something I'm used to.

@owl Yeah, makes sense from a northish-european perspective.
A car sitting in the summer sun will probably crack 40C with little trouble though.

My take on the "debacle" is that people like what they're used to, and make up all sorts of little mnemonics, to the point where they think one arbitrary scale is inherently better than some other arbitrary scale.

Both of these scales were designed for weather and body temps, so both are going to be OK for weather and body temps, unlike something like Kelvin. The rest is just people getting attached to arbitrary things they grew up with.

F is definitely bad for science, though, because it isn't part of a set of scales specifically refitted for scientific convertibility.

> people like what they're used to

Yes, that's what I was trying to say.
And why I was wondering if anyone who says one is "better" or "more intuitive" grew up with the other one and switched later in life.
Because F wasn't intuitive at all to me after 3 decades of celsius.
And I imagine C wouldn't be intuitive at all if they were flipped and I had been using F for 3 decades.

@owl I grew up with Celsius, but in the tropics

so my sense of temperature switches to farenheit when it goes below 24C.

@technomancy That's really cool. 😄
And makes total sense to me.
Neither is much good without experienced points of reference.

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