English: Our galaxy is called the Milky Way.
Icelandic: Every galaxy is called a winter road.

@IceWolf and The Milky Way is… The Winter Road 😅
vetrarbraut, Vetrarbrautin
Kind of like a moon and The Moon, I guess

@owl Iz cool! In Finnish The Milky Way is called The Bird’s Track (”Linnunrata”). Btw.

If there’s been a Finnish equivalent for ”galaxy”, I haven’t heard it (or can’t recall it). It’s just a boring loan word, ”galaksi”.

Back in the more national romantic days there were even competitions to hunt down more Finnish-sounding alternatives for contemporary loan words. Most of the time the issue was those being Swedish-based.

So, ”elektrisiteetti” became ”sähkö”, ”reklaami” became ”mainos”, etc.

@jabsonik sähkö, nice :D
Something like sizzle/sparkle?
In Icelandic many such words seem to be calques of the words that were imported into English.
Electricity comes from a word that means amber, so in Icelandic it's rafmagn (amber-power)

@owl Yeah, it's based on something sparky, I guess. "Sähikäinen" (firecracker), or "sähistä" (to hiss), or both.

@owl "Amber-power", cool! Now we just need a way to make power out of amber!

@jabsonik @owl every language in the world: universit*

@jabsonik @schratze IS: háskóli
doesn't German have Hochschule too? Or does that mean a different type of school?

@owl @jabsonik hmm Universität is a type of Hochschule. I think any education facility that you typically visit after primary and secondary schools is a Hochschule

@schratze @owl In Estonian "yliopisto" about the same: "ülikool"

Had to immediately check out, what's the etymology of "yliopisto". And yes, it's one of the invented words of nationalist era: (in Finnish)

I love those rejected alternatives! Especially "tietehistö" and "ylioppio". They sound like words escaped from a fantasy book – or futuristic Kalevala.

@owl further: galaxy comes from the greek galaxias aka milky.

@hope IS often has calques of the "original" EN words.
Like electricity and rafmagn (amber-power)
They're just not obscured in the same way.
EN would be more fun if galaxy was milky boi, electricity was amber power, and so on. :)

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