There was never a notable presence of vikings in Iceland, although a few may have "retired" there, but I guess that doesn't matter to tourists, or those who want their money.


LikeI read somewhere, "Icelandic Viking Village" contains three fictional constructs.
Villages and national identities came later, and vikings were never really a thing.

@owl wouldn't that depend on one's definition of "viking"?

I.e. if a broad definition of "norse people living in the period 793-1066 CE" is used, then it seems there was a pretty significant presence - i.e. the people who founded the Althing.

@zatnosk But vikings were not an ethnic group. It's more like a job description. And if you look at the touristy stuff, that's the image they're trying to conjure.

@owl that's kinda what I mean; it depends on the definition used. But yeah, included the whole ethnic group under the name "viking" is a pretty modern twist.

@zatnosk Yeah, that's not what anyone means (AFAIK) when they talk about viking settlements or lack thereof. Would be kind of like calling everyone living in the Caribbean during 1650-1730 a pirate.

@owl @zatnosk brb, getting my vike on for a bit.

The term "Viking Britain" makes me want to strike an Anglo-Saxon attitude at whoever puts it on their marketing bumph

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