@owl "public good" is great o/ for many historical reasons I like "the commons" too, as creativecommons ppl noticed before me.

(when we manage to put everything back into the commons where they belong we'll have a system where property is owned in common by the community, a kind of common…na…lism… common-ism…)

@elilla Got any replacement words for "proprietary" that emphasise that it's not public/ours?

@owl "anti-socialist" is one word I'm seeing used for "capitalism" a lot and could work too. it conjures "anti-social" and in doing so restores the point that socialism is supposed to be eusocial (as opposed to "socialism is when the government does everything").

but since "socialist" is a swearword for libertarian techies perhaps a straight "anti-social software" would be better.

artificial scarcity software?

software with government-backed restrictions on distribution?

for services, good ol' walled garden I think


@elilla I found the word anticommons today, but it doesn't mean quite what I thought it would

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