Permissive/restrictive licenses 

Copyleft licenses permit me and everyone else to access the licensed work and its derivatives.
No restrictions are placed on this access.

BSD-style licenses allow corporations to restrict access in any way they choose.

That's the kind of permission and restriction I care about, not "can I take this and lock it up and profit off it?"

Permissive/restrictive licenses 

It makes me sad that permissive/restrictive is used the other way around, taking the capitalist/corporation point of view.

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Permissive/restrictive licenses 

@owl I mean it's not just capitalist/corporation stuff. For me, permissive is also "can I take this and use this in my open source project without worrying about having the Exact Same License you do", as well as letting other open source people use my project without worrying if they Exactly Agree with my licensing philosophy.

Permissive/restrictive licenses 

@owl We use permissive ourselves because we don't want to worry about restricting other open source projects, and our stuff isn't likely to be useful to companies. I mean, a terminal music visualizer?

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