Parler lol 

*Deliberately chooses Amazon as their hosting provider, the most Big Tech one among countless options*

"Yeah we're against Big Tech."

*Amazon decides to enforce its terms of service*

"Ahh censorship, look how Big Tech can just kick you off the internet if they don't like you."

AWS is not the internet.
AWS is not even close to being any kind of monopoly.
There's a million hosting providers, and you violated the ToS of the one you chose.


Parler lol 

Fuck Amazon and fuck Big Tech, but you're only a victim of your own decisions here.

Parler lol 

@owl (i boosted this earlier but have conveniently saved it 😅)

Parler lol 

@mood This image is great. :]
In this case it's even simpler though, since Amazon has no control over Parler, other than what Parler gave them by choosing AWS and agreeing to their ToS.
They could pick any hosting provider and it would make zero difference to their users.
They're just trying to look like a victim of Big Tech, when they could have picked a smol provider and gotten kicked off for the same reasons. There's just no Big Tech control factor here that I can see.

Parler lol 

@owl yes, it truly is a lot of whining they are doing !

it’s annoying to migrate one’s infra, but their services aren’t that old. so it’s probably not bonkers in there

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