Some camels lived there too, they're big!
Almost like moose.

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Now I have an illegal copy of that flying composition in my head.

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Missed that there's a trailer for BotW 2.
The soundtrack sounds epic.
I'm running out of BotW 1 and need it.

*looks at new gTLDs*
.rich businesses catering to the wealthy


I've done this puzzle many times in Zelda, you get a Korok seed.

cars, being silly 

In my opinion, car security should go on the outside, to protect others, and inside spikes should come out upon collision.

I have met and petted donkeys. 😆
Among other animals but I wanted to meet donkeys for so long.

Waking up early, grabbing the cryptohoe, and getting to work at the server farm.

Keep forgetting I can just introduce myself as owl instead of elf. Nobody needs to know my legal name.

There's a 1 month notice on the TV contract even though it's "free."
So if I forget about it completely and never cancel, it has no consequences?
I guess if someone else requests it for the same address, they might want the box back.

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