When I found a rainbow road

(Looking through old videos; this must have been in San Francisco.)


Tiptop Z-DSP is very cool, but has three flaws,
• proprietary algorithms on
• proprietary cards that require
• proprietary tools to work with.
Watched a video with the Xaoc folks, talking about a DSP module that doesn't have "weird cards" and is completely open source, basically the most polite way of saying heck with Z-DSP.

Schratzes katt
Katzes schratt
Köttur Skratta

It's good when things are easy to install/run like .
I could never be arsed to set up a Mastodon or Pleroma or Misskey, but this amount of arse I could do.

Have to do some `sed` on these subs methinks.

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Having some Reykjaveður here.
It was sunny when I started going to the neighbourhood store, then it got dark and rainy, and I ran to the store.
Then I got out and it was sunny and wet everywhere, but on one side of the sky was an almost black wall of clouds, with a rainbow on it.

The Northman is streaming on the torrent sites now.

Hmm, seems like the wood panels on Arturia's eurorack case are actually disguised plastic. Normal.

Finished Lilith's Brood on the bus-ride home.
Now I need to find something else in Kråkan's collection. :)

cargo gripe 

Cargo stop failing to build because of my git conflict style preference
challenge 2022.

Hearing someone talk about going between towns up here by "rail bus" back in the day. :o

Swedish "fan" seems like it should be related to Icelandic/Old Norse "fjandinn", since they both mean the devil, but it's not. "Fiende(n)" and "fjandinn" though. :)

När okroppsliga väsen med ett visst ämbete far till jobbet så tar de på sig en... 


nothing, old game 

You wouldn't Alter a Beast

Mamma: (Säger något om låtskrivaren Gary Broker)
Jag: Är han mäklare?
Mamma: Nej, han är död.

(Tonföljden från Go West)
Åk häst
Det går lagom fort
Åk häst
Åk från ort till ort

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