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Made some progress on Rocket. Now I can actually browse around. I think I'll add searching next so I can browse MORE.

If I try to make it please don't let me create a custom engine.

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Still thinking about stretchy-leg owl platformer.


Ahh, std.mem.spanZ is really handy for dealing with C strings coming out of GTK.
It takes such a string and returns a regular u8 slice and I don't have to allocate or copy.

Joked and said maybe kalsonger is related to calzone, got curious and looked it up, and it actually is. Kalsonger means underpants in Swedish.

Someone's racing up and down the block in their assholemobile. Normal thing in this city.

Clothing materials humour 

Had to do a double-take
"65% recycled polyester, 35% merino wool, 0% owl."

Tölvuorðasafn is really handy for translating tech stuff to/from English
Many such terms are not in the dictionary

Home hunting 

I finally manages to call the broker for the home that we were interested in. It had already gone to someone else. We missed it because the broker's SMS had turned into a voice message on our phone, but spoken in German and nearly indecipherable. Heck. All because I hate phone calls.

There's snow elsewhere in Germany but not here. 😞
Maybe it would just become grey filth due to all the cars.
But in the parks it would be nice.

The old Icelandic calendar was abandoned due to pressure from Big Calendar who wanted to sell more, ever-shifting calendars.


I was waiting to see what would happen if there's a bit of snow and ice here, since people drive like fools and nobody seems to use winter tires. Apparently this happens:
I hope no pedestrians or bicyclists were injured.


There's one store that sells blocks of vegan cheese and not just those packages of pre-sliced cheese that are almost more packaging than cheese. The block is kind of small but better than nothing.

So then I also obtained a cheese slicer and again started wondering how people who eat such things live without them. When I lived overseas nobody had one, but they had pizza slicers. 🤔

🦉+ZWJ+❄️ should display as a snowy owl

I like oddly shaped special-purpose vehicles. Especially garbage trucks, which I liked already in my earliest memories of liking things, with their butts (do vehicles have butts) hanging down in the back.

Derelict captcha images 

Some places that are in Google Captcha images are so neglected that I can't tell if that brighter part of the road is supposed to be a crosswalk or not, and then I feel sad for people who live wherever that is.

Accessibility whine 

What if grocery stores were just a little bit more accessible. Is it essential that the overhead lights hurt shoppers? Is it crucial to blast music and advertisements and announcements all across the store to disorient visitors? Must the whole experience make it so that visitors hurry out of there to avoid a panic attack?

This post brought to you by a recent visit to Kaufland.

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