Turbocharge your Amiga with a $25 Raspberry Pi ($0 from your friend who feels bad about having too many of them and not doing anything with them)



Kerning is that sport where they clean the ice with brooms so the kerning stone can go to the right place

Are there other alliterative precious stone mans?

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Who would win, Dustin Diamond or Johnny Jewel?

I hope "treat servers like cattle, not pets" people don't have cattle or pets.

Which one will be the first to die? ☠️

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Was thinking of all the centralised chat systems that I've seen die, and wondered if such systems ever have the same kind of longevity.

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Email is over 50 years old.
IRC is in its mid-30s.
XMPP is in its 20s.
What are some closed/centralised tools like that that are as old and still in use?

Every iOS update says (paraphrased) "If you visited websites prior to this update, you might be pwn'd" but at least whoever wrote that printf-style function bothered to check for null pointers, unlike the entire code path that ended up calling it.

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What am I supposed to do with this information, iOS web browser?

Accidentally posted something that caused many notifications.
My phone decided that 100 notifications is the most that anyone could need.
So it kept saying:
There's 100 things
*Boop, new thing*
There's 100 things
*Boop, new thing*
There's 100 things

honorifics, silly 

"What, how do you show respect if you don't use honorifics in your language?"

We just decided that first names are not disrespectful.

If you want to be more explicit, you can try "I respect you."

Misspelled soap as soup, then corrected it to sope.

I wonder if US corporations will treat it like the GDPR, and implement it, but only in jurisdictions where they are forced to.
Provide updates for a model in the EU, but not in the US. They can buy a new one!

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"Extending lifespan of smartphones [by one year] would cut same CO₂ as eliminating two million cars"

Cool, make it more than just one year then.

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An actual German would probably just say Hell-Sread or Höllen-Sread? :)
Found lots of German usage of Thread.

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FR: pomme de terre 🤭
DE: nein, Kartoffel 😤
IS: why not both: jarðepli, kartafla

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