When corporations have covered the sky with garbage they can sell the view

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Wish I had my former work phone. The night mode on that could've caught some of this.

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sorry for the terrible post 

Es toot mir leid

☠️ rentier capitalism
🦌 Rentier Anarchismus

round (former) politician 

Михаил Орбачёв

what is the roundest dessert 



The president of Hungary wants to ban orbs

The album name: the gold turned to shit

(Reference to a song by BB from ABBA, for a musical, called the gold turned to sand (guldet blev till sand))

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I searched for snutkaffe and found a very funny band:


D-beat is d-takt in Swedish, but they anglified it into English agent noun, Dtakters.

Uppsala, the Swedish city that acknowledges it's a mistake.

"Norrbotniabanan mellan Umeå och Skellefteå försenas – klar efter 2033"

Uff, det tar lång tid att bygga järnväg.

The bugs are only getting more numerous.
When will I be able to make a GTK4 browser. 😞

quartz keyboard layout
qwertz watch movement

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