I wonder if there's a French band called Good Inter

Said "friend to friend encryption" as a joke but maybe it's actually good?
I've talked to friends who thought, well, it's encrypted from my end to the server's end, so that's E2EE right?
F2FE makes it clear that some corporation should not be one of the ends.

Everyone says they want to combat misinformation but there's still a million l "how to pronounce…" videos dominating search results with a (synthetic?) English voice pronouncing words completely wrong


The synth store was out of big synths

„He later created the character Ponyo, a name he thought of as an onomatopoeia of what "soft, squishy softness" feels like when touched.“


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What I've read about ACA sounds similar to how it works here.
Require everyone to pay to be insured.
If you can't afford it, you can grovel and beg somewhere.

There's another way to ensure that everyone is covered: provide health care to everyone.

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Normal to require that everyone have a thing, and then not provide the thing.
Oh, it's like how health care works here.

Passing shitpost 

Yeah I pass.

Look like a cis?
No, I'll pass.


Coffee is the dual of ffee

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Microbong Sift

If I was into conspiracies, this would be good stuff.
US megacorp that collaborates with NSA and other US govt. organisations silently renders hardware encryption useless, and offers its own software encryption solution as a replacement.

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Now the hardware encryption/password option is back in BIOS, and the sedutil PBA is gone.
Now s3/sleep works with encryption and All Is Well.

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I have obtained the PSID and prepared the rescue image.
That disk is so smol I didn't even recognise it as disk.
Poor little friend, what has Winders done to you.

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What do you call a program that semi-permanently breaks your disk hardware, deliberately?
The only way to unbreak it is to take your laptop apart, find a PSID on the hardware, then use a specially crafted rescue image (libre software provided by a third party,) boot from that and enter a series of commands to reset the disk which also wipes it.
I would call it malware, but MS calls it Windows.

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The threat of blandness is fulfilled

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This package of vegan cheese says "British style" on it and it kind of reads like a double threat now.

When there's a lot of snow, making it hard to deliver food to the elderly, you have to use the bandwagon.


Need to open the laptop and peek at the disk to undo Windows nonsense.

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"HDD password options in BIOS Setup disappear when Windows takes ownership of the drive during OS installation. If you want to set HDD password, you will need to do a process called 'PSID revert' which will wipe drive contents."
I was wondering why the option wasn't present.
Windows messing with me even though I don't use it.

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