Cat came and rewound it back so I get to hear it again.
She also put Edge in fullscreen.
Then edge said, press F11 to leave fullscreen, so I did, and it enabled airplane mode instead.

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Android keeps removing the youtube URL associations from NewPipe, even though I don't even have YT installed anymore.
Fine and normal.

Tunes from the Earthbound soundtrack performed on the rare 1982 Synergy synthesizer!

Called it, MS is challenging KDE with even chonkier scrollbars


"Notice: Those steps help capture the full screen"


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"How to Record Part of Screen Windows 10
First, open the program that you want to record.
Second, press the Windows key + G on the keyboard simultaneously to launch Xbox Game Bar."


"A new operating system kernel with Linux binary compatibility written in Rust."

That's more fun to see than RIIR injunctions :)

Wish I had a touch screen so I could use TUI touch email, how cursed and good would that be.

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Aerc has mouse support now.
It's pretty cool how GUI-like TUIs can be.

How do I turn myself into an owl on Teams, like that person who became a cat. Or was that a difference corpference software?

I like my WM but I understand why it looks ridiculous to other people, but it's interesting how touch devices are similar in some ways.
I have had to show my mom how to do many things on her iPhone, and it's like yeah, of course you don't know that, it's completely invisible and undiscoverable except by accident, or by finding and reading documentation, like my WM.

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Touch devices will train people in using invisible, undiscoverable UI, which will usher in the year of the tiling window manager on the Linux desktop.

that's just .com-post, don't worry about it

GDPR fun, computer systems that mess up your name 

Article 16:
"The data subject shall have the right to obtain from the controller without undue delay the rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning [them]."

A Brussels court has therefore decided that it's a GDPR violation to misspell someone's name and refuse to correct it, and that saying it's "impossible because computer" doesn't cut it.

That's good to know!

"each state transition leaves behind a moved-from object representing the old state, which must be destroyed."

yes, yes, destroy old states

tortugal (tortoise gal from portugal)

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