Managed to take a not-entirely-awful picture of the moon with an older cell phone camera.

cc: @anne

Hey people, what's a flower I can plant in the next couple weeks in hardiness zone 6a that will bloom later this year? Or is it already too late?

@diodelass thanks for introducing me to the idea of tech as witchcraft, I've started instructing my niece (a Harry Potter fan) along those lines and it seems to be going well

This is a Wii sensor bar I just built, I'll be using it next week to introduce her to Ohm's Incantation

Big enby geek energy today: black Forever 21 leggings, basketball shorts, steel-toe hightop work boots and a t-shirt from the conference where I met and hung out with cis icon Woz and trans icon Burger Becky

@anne I know visible light isn't really your thing but this beautiful instrument is at a local thrift store for $150. Can you tell me anything about it please?

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My headcanons about fictional universes that don't exist in any medium are getting more elabourate

Is this normal?

Every time I think about the universe it gets more detailed

My favourite bit so far is about cars & transit

Private ownership of them (or indeed any property that's expensive in our world) doesn't really exist.

On your block or in your rural area there's like maybe five cars, one truck, an adaptive transit van, and a few draft animals.

I'm running a competition called "what's the most interesting way to destroy a cheap plastic stapler"

The prize is I follow your directions and film it

Oh and you can borrow books from libraries all around the world too so that's kinda cool

Hey do you love old stuff? Do you like millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and computer games?

Do you like archiving? Do you like clicking a "power" button and getting an emulated computer in your browser window running oldass software?

If so please visit for all of the above and more!

Try my favourite Apple ][ game of all time: Raster Blaster pinball & thousands more

Left alt/right alt for paddles. Mash left alt to start game.

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where’s the “gay” option for walking directions in google maps. these times are all wrong

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Hey if anyone has any examples of cooperatively/collectively owned and operated restaurants could you let me know?

Slightly urgent. Boosts appreciated.

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