Hey retro folks, KansasFest is online-only this year and registration just opened (only $20 USD!)

Everyone go register: kansasfest.org/registration/

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I'm sure I forgot some people. This list looks suspiciously short. So boost and tag your retrocomputing friends!

covid, bureaucracy, but helpful 

Also earlier I had something turn into "solo died" which is a technically correct fact about Star Wars: Episode VII

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Autocorrect just changed some other words into "Malik get noise" which is a technically correct three-word review of Bohemian Rhapsody

Please boost, there must be some good ones out there!

Selling an old DSP card 

sort of an abelist joke, if anyone objects I’ll take it down 

ERROR: Card services not found

Ok fine pcmcia you win this one but I’ll be back tomorrow to defeat you

The second episode of The Mandalorian is kind of becoming Yak Shaving: The Series

Or, given the universe, Bantha Shaving

So when we encounter antivaxxers can we get some really fun and cool and totally all natural and organic polio to give them asking for a friend

mh shitpost 

webdev shitpost 

animal domestication 


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