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@hyperlink I JUST realized that that's a friggin' snout in your display name and not an old desktop-style telephone


I finally went on birdsite after a few days of not being on there and I suddenly see why everyone was talking about goddamn cakes now

@hyperlink I’m kind of afraid to ask this, but also compelled to:

What kind of things did Cool Gizmo say?

Angery gender feels 

Men’s shorts: available in such attractive colours as:
-Blue/black/beige plaid

Christ I wish I could fit into femme clothing

Religion, audiohazard 

Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Potter Potter
Harry Harry


feeling completely drained, and it's made worse by the fact that I'm broke too.

Honestly I really doubt I can afford the new ARM Mac, so that's probably a non-starter¸ but we'll see.

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I need a new computer! What should I get? Main uses include shitposting, netflix and occasionally some actual dev work.

(boosts welcome)

It also has base 5, for some reason??? Who uses that?!

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That last issue is probably caused by it using a 10 digit decimal mantissa for all calculations, because in decimal mode, anything above 10 digits becomes scientific notation automatically.

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Oh and to make matters EVEN WEIRDER, if you input a hex value that has an acceptable number of hex digits but would produce a result with more than 10 decimal digits, it throws an error. So FFFFFFFFFFh is fine but 3333333333h blows up. The pictured number here is -9999999999 decimal, and if you subtract 1 from it, you get an error, for example.

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This calculator has a really wacky way of doing binary math. It uses 2’s complement, but with a 10 digit word size in whatever base you’re using. So -1==1111111111b==FFFFFFFFFFh==7777777777o.

I bought a $20 CAD steam card for what I thought was a nice internet trade and then realized I was getting scammed before I handed the number over. Would someone want to buy it off me for cheap? Say $10?

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