Some suspensions 

A few suspensions. was previously silenced, upgraded to suspension after a report from one of our users. is now fully suspended for being highly federated with the usual gab type cretins. is fully suspended for being a free speech extremist site.

Remote suspension has been fully suspended from beach city due to

remote suspension 

Referencing this information from has been fully suspended from beach city for homophobic content.

domain suspension

Quick search shows the domain is registered in Russia (on its own not a red flag) and the only relevant result seems to show the only purpose of the domain is to create puppet email accounts

Remote silencing 

onan at was silenced from beach city due to posting of extremely gross images without being marked sensitive and without a CW.

Various suspensions 

Due to the Covid situation, I've been a bit behind on announcing suspensions. Here's a list of a few we've done recently

sullivandan334 at was suspended for spam was fully suspended for reports of a lot of spam and a lack of moderation was suspended for combative argument type behavior from the admin.

remote suspension has been fully suspended from beach city due to being a TERF instance.

Various suspensions 

Been lax about reporting these for a bit. has been fully suspended for alt-right content. has been fully suspended for racist content has been fully suspended for spam. and all subdomains have been fully suspended for engaging in automated fediverse scraping. has been fully suspended for reported anti-semitism

Robert_R_Freitag_II on has been fully suspended for racism

Remote suspension reminder 

Since they've been coming up lately, This is just a confirmation that has been suspended for some time as a result of their "free speech extremism" policies.

Local suspension 

Catgoatraptoremu has been banned for engaging in off-site abusive behavior towards certain Beach City citizens. Please contact one of your admins for further information if you need clarification on the meaning of this.

remote instance suspension 

The following TERF or TERF friendly instances have been fully suspended

Remote user suspension 

Sadsharkpn2001 at has been suspended for racism. Specifically for accusing a black instance admin of "being racist" by pointing out the racism of white folks.

remote suspension 

We've suspended the following domains due to Nazi activity

Remote suspension has been fully suspended from beach city due to a number of factors:
1) Their admins are friendly with gab users.
2) They seem to misreport their followers and follow counts.
3) They have a user that seems to follow folks then almost immediately unfollow them. Possible scraping?

Regardless, #1 is enough, so we are suspending.

instance suspension 

gameliberty dot club has been fully suspended for free speech extremism

(Actually, we did this a while ago. Holidays have kept me too busy to post these reports!)

remote suspension 

imdurann at has been fully suspended for advertising a spam site as reported by one of our users.

instance suspension has been fully suspended from due to Trump support and other issues. See this thread:

remote suspension 

forfast at has been fully suspended under suspicion of being a small scale follow bot.

Remote suspension 

Based on yang dot social and blob dot cat have been suspended.

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