Hey look I got a bouncy idle animation and blink on this bunny.

Did you know she's able to stick to walls?

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FROM TONIGHT'S STREAM: sketch comms for @BestGirlGrace, @korpspropaganda@twitter.com, @wahfterdark, and @sudo_bee ! i... guess technically none of these are NSFW?!

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Who's a pig?
I'm not a pig!

Especially not for oinktober!

Who said I'm a pig, oink?

I have ONE MORE icon slot open before I close for a bit. $25, hit me up!

OK, taking Anne and Beth offline temporarily again.

I really need to look through their stuff first

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Public notice: Our instance will be switching to an official 18+ only policy today. If you are under 18, please find another instance to join. Try instances.noct.zone/ to find one! I apologize for the inconvenience but safety is a high priority for me and it would be very difficult to keep our current environment and have minors.

CWs are still required for all NSFW. No other policy changes are being made with this announcement except that you must be 18 years of age to use the service.

Hey everyone. Thanks @cee for creating this AMAZING banner for Beach.city! beach.city/about

Open registration is now officially closed!!

Current users now have the ability to make invite links for those theyโ€™d like to bring into our commune here, thanks for your understanding during this!

Hey I am still here, just still don't know what to make out of this account

Except of keeping an eye on stuff in the morning and being an additional staff you can contact!

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