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I think after a rebrand is a good time for a new ?


my name is Maxine and I make old school (Atari style) games with a little modern twist.

This account will be mostly used to announce stuff on my and .

Also I am moderator here on, so if you have any problems, let me know!

Kinda announcement over here. stays down for longer than expected, because I found the issue for those weird bugs.

I have to deal with it right now, so that's why it's taking longer (more manual database work)

At least I found out what the issue was in the first place, but have to deal with it now

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And my game is live!

Self.destroy() is about not giving up hope and having to save lives.

A pixelated game, with old friends, new friends and a boss fight!

I'm very proud of that boss fight, so give it a go, if you can :3

#GameDev #PixelArt

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Made a Patreon post with a playable proof of concept, where you can jump around :3

Also original moo art! (That is used in the game)

The game will be publicly released when finished, so this is just a sneak peak.

#Patreon #GameDev

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Did some stuff in Game Maker Studio 2 today.

More trying to get stuff working here, so lots of placeholders for stuff that doesn't have art yet.

Still, trying to get movement done, so have look.

Art is by the cute pupper @ulvra

#PixelArt #GameDev

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I think I'm done with level design of "Dungeon of snacks" and I think I am happy with it.

Game testing will tell later though and I might have to revise it, but I think it looks nice and challenging!


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OK, I think I have the basics for the world.

Got a little sick of doing stuff and also need to rework it anyway to make it applicable for enemies and such.

But this is the base idea. Also renamed it from "Tower of snacks" to "dungeon of snacks", because it goes down now, instead of up.

Was planning to only have the ice (formerly water) and hot blocks (formerly lava) to be environmental hazards. Then they developed into maps of their own...


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Also trying out top down perspective and how to create a game with it.

This is the current result of it


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And my second #Pico8 #Game is release :3

Mooventure: Icy Dreams

Moo fell asnooze and dreams of being trapped on an ice field. She has to capture snacks now and pet pupper!

It's an Asteroids inspired game, with bounce and the ability to pet a pupper 💜

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OK, stream starts now!

I provide music and some conversation. @ulvra will be with me :3

Today's stream topic is art for two games that I'm developing. One is pretty far, the other is still in design phase

Come join!

#PixelArt #GameDev

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New Patreon post!

If you want to suggest your own favorites, consider pledging at least $1 💜


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Game art idea

Some #PixelArt idea for an upcoming game.

Not too, too happy with it honestly, but that might be self doubt

Bouncy moo orb

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Streaming some concept #pixelArt for a game now.

Background music is provided and it should be a little longer of a stream today, but we'll see :3

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OK, need to wake up a little, then I'm streaming concept #pixelArt stuff.

Stream start ETA ~30 minutes

I'm going to work on one or several games, not sure yet.

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I think I try to stream some #gameDev stuff.

Me bumbling about in Game Maker Studio 2 and learning how things work.

ETA: ~ 15-30 minutes (but another note coming up, because I am not 100% sure)

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So I am streaming now!

Streaming some #pixelArt and animations, so if you like come watch :3

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So, around half an hour to an hour from now on, then I start streaming some #gameDev or #pixelArt stuff.

Not sure yet, but it will likely be a short stream (around an hour)

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OK, I am going to stream some #gameDev stuff later today!

I'm going to work on Glitch in Game Maker Studio 2.

When it gets closer I let you know.

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So I decided to finally release the first game I ever made.

You can pick from two themes and either chase gems (as a foxy) or sweets (as a mouse)

It is similar to Amoozed, as you are in a puzzle and have to find certain things to level up and such.
This one is time based though! For that you see the entire map.

Have fun :purple_sparkling_heart:

Also please consider donating, if you can :purple_sparkling_heart:

#mastoGames #pixelArt

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Not an April fool's joke, but a really cute game about a moo finding munchies in a maze!

If you feel generous, support me with a coin or become a patron!

#pixelArt #mastoGames

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