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Pol - lives that matter. 

Black lives matter

You know lives that don't matter? Nazi lives don't matter, racist lives don't matter, and blue lives don't matter. There is also a fair chance anyone that is one of those is all three

Why? Because they weren't born that way, they have a choice to be evil or not and they chose evil. A blue life chose to harm and oppress! They are not good people or good neighbours.

All lives don't matter. And all lives shouldn't matter. They don't deserve tolerance.

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Things guaranteed to make me happy (emotions +) 

1) Good food
2) Time with friends and family
3) Remembering happy times with same
4) Sci-Fi shows, especially older quirky ones
5) Most video games with friends
6) Completing the day's work and still having energy leftover and a spoon or two
7) Animals
8-) Hugs
9) Hugs from animals
10) Sailing, diving, ocean or lake exploration
11) Making something that's appreciated
12) Pete's Dragon (Original)
13) Princess Bride
14) Giving gifts

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Feb 29th Official Holiday Deityshaming 

Actually this is a new holiday. I officially declare Feb 29th to be the climbing a mountain to yell your grievances at whatever god you believe in day.

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Secrets to being a good roommate PSA 

1) Pay on time every month, contribute more if your rent is low for the area if you can afford it.
2) Dishes done, don't ignore or hoard them in your space. Don't leave them for others.
3) Clean up after yourself, replace TP and paper towels when used up, buy more if out.
4) Keep your space clean, even if you're the only one in it. Take out your trash, clean surfaces occasionally.
5) help with household chores without needing to be asked. Just do it!

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Huh, after looking it up I'm unnaturally upset that people consider 20xx the be the 21st century.

I'd rather take a simple adaptation to make it match common sense than the mental gymnastics to explain why the lack of a year / century / millennium zero should ruin common sense date keeping for all eternity.

1st to 99th year? Not a century! Naughts. 0th.
2020, first year of the '20s
100th year to 199th year, 1st century
1000-1999 1st millennium
0-999 not a full millennium, so 0th works here!

It's very had to type when you're very very very cold, but I managed. Stay warm friends.

Dream, long, violence, death 

I returned to my military friends, they were able to return my eye, and I rushed to my partner in the hospital and passed the retinal scan. They were still unconscious but I found they would likely wake up soon.

A happy ending!

The end.

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Dream, long, violence, death 

I got in the mech, helped by friends. I could barely walk or move from my condition, but I could still operate it just fine.

Pulling up the tracker I saw his location across the city in a busy plaza. I ran the mech as fast as it could go there.

Upon arrival I saw him and came up in stealth mode behind him. I grabbed him and his head with the mech arms and ripped his head off and took it. There were a lot of witnesses, but I was quick so I couldn't be identified.


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Dream, long, violence 

After making it back home, I was met with some soldiers who told me they knew of the betrayal, they told me the person had my eye implanted, then they went to my partner knocked them out in a fake accident, used my eye to pass the family only check at the hospital to try to take my partner by caring for them during the recovery.

A couple of friend engineers had planned ahead and fixed my mech, making it battle ready. And had a location tracer planted on the betrayer


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Dream, long, violence 

Dreamt I was in a mech military group. One of us who was jealous of me and my partner at home had lost his left eye in battle and wore a patch. During an engagement, he stabbed me, cut out my eye and left me for dead.

I spent a very very long time crawling back, starving and dehydrated through the back lines of a war zone. I came across emergency rations that were two big gummy bears that broke up into hundreds of gummy bears that had all the nutrition needed.


Mind reading shape shifters meeting in person for the first time, and they're exactly as expected to each other.

That's a mood.

I think that's enough ranting for now, if anyone wants to talk about anything feel free to dm me on Telegram same @.

I could always use the extra negative entropy to help find the right path.

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Major paths:

The mountains and forests.

The coast and beaches.

The hills.

The cities.

And each of those is functionally infinite. Every tiny choice affecting everything in the universe forever. And the clouds keep me from seeing very far down any of the paths.

Wait a while at each spot, or move without stopping?

Such indecision! Too many possibilities to conceive.

I'm going to pull out my cards and see if they'll offer any insight. I just need to phrase the question properly.

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And faced with those near infinite possibilities I must choose one to start. It'll branch and weave but I won't be able to take those other paths later. And they are interesting too.

Such indecision! I have changed my plans a dozen times already. And still I wait.

But resources will run out. The mysterious green energy gained by working dwindles every day with no possibility of renewal.

Green energy that can be traded for possibilities and sustenance.

It must end. Every end is a beginning.

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The path I'm on was inconceivable a few months ago, but the shifting waves of the planet altered my choices significantly.

I'm am where I never thought I'd be to a place I had almost never heard of before.

And the branches from that all loom over me like dark clouds. I'm at the point where I could wait for a little while, but that would reduce my possible paths every day.

Or I choose one of those infinite clouds and set off. Each one for once is a mystery. I want to go down them all.

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Honestly I'm probably just crazy.

I see all of these infinite timeline possibilities, but almost every single one leads somewhere I don't want to be.

Some are good in the medium term, but the long term is what I'd call a bad or neutral ending.

I keep poking my nose down each path and sniffing, just to see down to its end.

In this timeline I can only examine a few hundred paths a day and my energy is getting more limited.

Infinite branches branching infinitely.

The hunt is interesting.

Make some noise if any of you out there are desperate to escape the confines of humanity and feel free to express themselves without the crushing existential despair that accompanies everything you assign as 'human' !!!

Severe Anxiety, pol 

Going to go spend some literal time in the woods. I wish I could bring you all with me. It's going to be so lonely.

I want to actually live, even if only for a short time before a sabertooth* eats me. *yes I know

Brought a little solar charger and it isn't supposed to rain, so maybe I won't freeze too badly.

Meh, just so burnt out.

Getting tid of Trump is great, but it's only the first of a thousand positive steps that are needed. I just don't have the soul fire right now.

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Severe Anxiety 

Since the 7th I hadn't eaten. I've been under so much stress and super hungry but the thought of seeing someone at the market that might think me weird kept me from going out

I'm a little better today, actually bought a meal from a food vendor and some snacks for later. Eating after 72 hours was bliss

I feel like I'm losing myself every day. The election just ripped out the little energy I had left

Not enough to transform into a functional human anymore, more animal every day

Pooltoy friend filled with a hard vacuum but with a rigid seam design to hold their shape.

When they open the valve everything nearby gets pulled in!

Anyway, going to sign off for the night. I'll be back on in the morning.

Your regular otter is big, your significant otter is so much bigger!

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