So a deer that owned a tractor was left by his dear deer wife because the he loved the tractor more than her.

Deer Jane Doe sent a dear John letter to her dear deer John Doe because of his John Deere.

Sounded funnier in my head, but life is like that sometimes *Tiny shrug*

audio cognitohazard 

New jobby do! Doesn't pay as much as other jobby but benefits and a work environment that is a quadrillion times better. Good start.

Life (Obfuscated) 

Life (Obfuscated) 

Life (Obfuscated) 

Goodnight everyone, may your tomorrows be better than your yesterdays

New rule! No more negativity or possibly upsetting topics. That's all decided and if someone wants to read them they're all in the past.

Life is too short to focus on the negatives, let the positives have a day or two of their own.

Gah! There has to be positive things to talk about.

Soft skunk girls. Fluffy ears and tails.

I want more of that in my life.

I like fluffy ears.

People don't have attractive ears, that's just sad. It's like unzoomed Ferengi ears.

Something about excessive extra ear fluff just looks so adorable and cute.

Or maybe it's just the unkempt fuzzy ear look?

I think my favourite is spaniel ears, they have that perfect mix of fluff and fuzz.

I realised that everyone probably has me muted because of my rather ranty late night depression toots.

I suppose that's okay though, this has kind of become my vent account anyway because it's where I feel safest. So fewer people not reading is actually better for the long run.

*Small shrugs*

What would be your top bucket list items if you had one year to do whatever?

Could be realistic, or unrealistic things you'd do if money didn't matter.

I'll rate your items!

Off to the land of dreams I go. Someday I'll be able to stay there, but for now it's just a visit.

Find me there if you know where to look, I always enjoy the company.

I'm close to an answer. It may not be the answer, but it'll be an answer.

Can't really say much more at this point, but I'm still learning and adapting. Either way it won't be easy, but life is rarely easy.

Remind me to take it a little more seriously next time, or not. I suppose it doesn't matter too much, all paths lead to a similar place.

Feels (-) 

Feels (-) 

Feels (-) 

ptsd trigger, alcohol, sui 

ptsd trigger, alcohol 

ptsd trigger, alcohol 

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