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on the posting of lewds by me. 

So, this seems like a fairly safe space for (correctly tagged) NSFW content. I’m not the kind of person that posts a lot of that, but for various reasons I kind of want to do it more. Being that open with my body is very scary, for reasons related to trauma and anxiety and OCD, yet...I really want to feel safe being openly sexual. It seems so fun and empowering. I guess time will tell how often I do it here, and how I feel about it.

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Hey Folks, I'm Lacuna, also @ossifrage I'm trans and non-binary and really into Synthesizers and computers and a bunch of other things. My intent is for this to be more of an AD-ish space, where I feel comfortable being openly trans and adult, since I'm a pretty reserved person. Anything really private will probably be followers-only, so keep that in mind. The rest of the time I'll just be me, which is a weird mix of over-analyzed gender feelings, horny shitposts and nerd nonsense.

horny shitpost 

Me: Oh daddy make me suffer~

Dom: okay eat this pizza without your lactaid tablets

Me: daddy no

kink shitposting 

Me: *has crippling germophobia*

Also me: piss all over me daddy

lacuna tries to flirt 

*a trans person posts super explicit nudes*

Me: “hey you’re cute, I would totally cuddle that ass!”

....I am so bad at this

VERY NSFW, lewds, flirting 

Tug my collar and call me a dumb puppy

lacuna pines for T4T 

Why is it always cis dudes in my DMs.

I know a lot of trans folks (going in either direction) are super self-aware about not replicating the behaviors of toxic masculinity but, please, I want some thirsty trans people in my PMs.

lacuna is a perv 

Holy heck do I get turned on when my friends send me pictures of them peeing. >.>

very suggestive, bubble censorship pic 

I shaved my legs and I would really like someone to come fuck me

Or just cum in my mouth

Yes plz


TFW you get off fantasizing about one of your trans coworkers going down on you

All of my queer coworkers are super hot I can’t help it

pining for affection 

Ugh, major cuddle lust this week. Hoping once I move to Seattle I can get some...affection. >.>

NSFW, selfie, bubble bath censorship 


Someone come cuddle

shitpost, slur 

Normal transfemmes: “I want to pass so society will accept me as a woman”

Me: “I want to pass so I can wear one of those Star Wars shirts that says “It’s a Trap!””

lacuna has weird gender feels, porn 

I only ever get dysphoria when I look at porn with transmasc people. Cis women? Fine. Trans women? Fine. Trans dude porn? Sudden wave of “heck I wish I had that body” feels.

pup stuff, VERY horny 

Okay, so like, I DEFINITELY have a pet play kink. Yep. Just muzzle me and plow my ass while you call me a good girl, plz. I’ll whine and squirm but I like it, I swear

lewd shitpost 

Tired: gender-neutral bathrooms

Wired: gender-neutral cumdumps

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lewd shitpost 

The fediverse: Be sure to stay hydrated!

Me, into watersports: MmmmmMmmmmmmMMMMMM

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"I'm not Autism Spectrum! I'm just gifted and shy and socially awkward and get really anxious sometimes and have big creative manias and infodump sometimes and get Biiiiiiiig crushes on people regardless of gender, oh, and I don't like the gender binary or social constraints and really just wanna talk about <Insert oddly specific niche interest here>"

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Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.