"Archer's Knot": youtube.com/watch?v=vXu3NgWHMv

A really handy knot where the loop stays fixed /w tension on the standing end, and the working end can be cinched to shrink the loop.

Fun fact: this knot seems to be the complement of the Arbor Knot (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbor_kn), where standing end tension cinches the loop & the working end doesn't.

Also, handy rope terminology that really helped me out: ropebook.com/information/knots


@kondziu I once had a girlfriend with a chain necklace knotted so badly that after days I still couldn't unravel it. So.. maybe!

@tty Ha! But it was tangled though. But could one design a knot that couldn't be untied? Or, like, make the rope wet to change its properties after the knot is tied, so that the knot would strength? Or separate the rope into strands and re-weave the end back into the knot?

Sorry, feel free to ignore all that. I never thought about it before and I got overly fascinated by the possibility of such actually un-untiable Gordian knots existing.

@kondziu Tangles are just complex knots!!! If everybody who tried untying it gave up, does that mean it's untie-able? :) What does that word mean to you in this context?

@tty I guess I mean physically impossible. Like, it's too tight, or some trick of geometry makes something latch into place.

@kondziu Not sure if that qualifies for what you're thinking of, but: synthetic rope likes to melt more than burn, so sometimes I do a quick permanent loop by using a lighter to melt the ends together.

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