Also I need to travel back in time to tell my past self in the future he'll be doing trig for fun on a Sunday.

thinking of getting a Vr headset to play flight sims

This breaks the rule of dressing for the job you want.

Trying out a new look: slacks and a t-shirt.

This is to supplant the old look: cave dwelling hermit.

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Why? Because just look at that cute whale!

Ok. I picked technology. Nothing's perfect so I'll learn Lua and use LÖVE.

For a long time I wanted to make a game. I always get stuck trying to pick/learn the technology and never get anywhere...

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I got me some strange looking Pokémon cards today. Don’t know how to use them or if they’re any good for the competitive scene yet.

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A frightened hamster
Steps out into the dawn world
To stumble and limp

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