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a map of polish cities with 'owo' at the end of their name

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We should instead compare them to esperanto.

funkcio abs(x):
kiam x > 0:

haha, ok, I totally fell for it, good joke

now show me the actual rust compiler

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Hamster Dash: The final mini game. The player must click the left mouse button repeatedly to make their hamster run
Hamsters (Windows, 2006)

I think Rust is the most frustrating language to learn I've ever encountered. This classification includes R and Agda.

bored, but also restless
i think the cabin fever is kicking in

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‪Dipshits: the earth is flat‬

‪Me, a learned genius: the earth is curved to mask loading times‬

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TIL There are mini truck garden contests in Japan

The “kei” trucks are barely larger than city cars. The goal is to build the most aesthetically pleasing garden in the truck bed

when you do pointer arithmetic you must give in to your base-16 instincs

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What idiot calld it "The Bronze Age" and not "Post Rock."

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Happy awoo day everyone!
AwwooooooOoooooOoooooOoooOooo.... o

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