Hope you're all doing well - I've been planning a few things, but we're still here. My job is liking me, and I got some bonuses this year, but I'm also dealing with losing my aunt. Still here, though, and I love and miss you all.

So, I'm currently setting up Roku's at my place, surviving our 2020, and missing ya'll, but I do also have a Discord with 67 people on it that I'm hoping to turn into a Mastodon or Friendica instance in Q1-Q2 '21. I'll keep you updated. Also merry holidays, etc, etc.

(pokes head up).

Still here, still missing you, and can't knock the moving; we've flirted with the idea and were thinking somewhere toward Oregon/WA State, but obviously, logistics are questionable. I'll miss ya'll. Send details to me in PM/Email, if you can?

Hey there. I see the depression venting, and the issues about political posts, and you know what?

Don't beat yourself up.

This is a chaotic time, and it's not normal at all. We're human, and it's okay to not be okay - I'd rather have you vent and feel better than suffer in silence. I love you guys, and want you to take care of yourselves- besides, I have christmas gifts to give you after this is all over. *(offers hugs)*

(waves hello). Missing you guys, and still surviving up here. Hug everyone for me.

Still here, and just waiting this thing out. Hope everyone else is doing okay.

@coda Okay, I'm about to flip a table - Sempai, I'm looking for a good starting template for DJing in Ableton, and either a)The videos are from 2012, b)It's not stuff I can do in Ableton Lite, or c)The tutorials are meandering as fuck. Any idea where I should start?

Hey there. Keep your spirits up - we're doing okay in our household, and I'm sure I'll see you all in meatspace soon.

I love logging in and seeing the new mascots.

@violetSpark Hey there. Just checking in before I let this person into Beach City - Do you know them?:


lewd(text), BDSM, irritation 

So, uhm, why are Cis Male submissives so shitty when you meet them on sites?This is one of many attempts, Like, you try to go through the proper procedures on chatting with them, getting to know their preferences, setting up limits, etc, and these idiots can't even pass the first stages. If I am giving you complete sentences, and you respond with "hi" when I asked you a question, type the response with BOTH HANDS ON THE KEYBOARD for once in your life.

BTW, is there a specific CW I should use if I'm going to chat about more risque things, or is a general CW that describes it fine?

My blog, I don't play nice when I talk, cursing about Nazis and fuckperson social networks, etc, etc , etc 

BTW, for those interested, the Minecraft server is up and running, and it's stable. Let me know if you want details. It's modded 1.12.2, and if you want the full pack list, it's up on my Twitch - twitch.tv/jdorrance

Finishing up the pack and server for Minecraft. 133 mods, but it looks like it'll be wild. ^_^

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Beach City

Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.