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Now is the time of bed, and sleep.

Goodnight, all. May you sleep well.

We shall see whether the end of the 9th book holds up. I'm not opposed to rewriting it, as I'm no longer so certain or confident in a rebellion / uprising plot.

Instead of reading, I just wrote a note for myself that explains the overarching plot (well, one of about 8 or so) in the third trilogy at long last.

I'm starting to realize that a lot of the weird ritualization to the things I do isn't really a want for consistency or predictability so much as it is an assurance against messing up. That is, if you can do it consistently without thinking, it's good.

Maybe that's part of why I dislike changing routines, because suddenly all of that subconscious stuff has been disrupted ...?

The good news is that I'm actually tired, and it's before midnight.

The bad news is that I cannot seem to convince myself away from the thought that I've not washed my face, somehow.

Self, I took a shower. I have a very precise manner in which things are done -- to avoid precisely that should I space out.

Why is it so impossible to find a house?

One of these days I should write a screenplay about mentally ill person who struggles to simply get through life, but it's completely beneath the radar.

Like sitting there staring blankly at a screen because choosing dinner feels like an impossible task, and now you're out of time and too anxious to go outside and interact with people or deal with asshole drivers and pick up something from a place because nobody delivers anymore so I guess whatever's in the fridge will have to do. Again.

There's an article in the Atlantic about how more education won't fix inequality, and it's written by a rich person, and uhhhh it's..........good?

Imagining pomf making big, eye-rolly air pawb quotes is too precious.

I dislike how mental illness is always depicted as being severely debilitating. Not everyone is a catatonic lump or believes themselves an alien sent from beyond. Nor are patients violent "psychopaths" — they're actually more likely to suffer abuse and violence at the hands of others.

Hi, I'm a very sleepy tired nerd who spends a lot of time working out arbitrary details normally taken for granted because that's how suspension of disbelief works.

Now please excuse me, I have a very important date with my bed (it's 12:45am here).

My favorite, however, is that I decided early on that the Hour of the day is relative by longitude -- but rather than following time zones, First hour begins at local dawn. This means that time varies not only by geographical location, but seasonally as well.

You can estimate the local time while reading, however, by taking one less than the hour and adding half again and 6½.

For example, Sixth hour is our 2:00pm, while Thirteenth is 12:30am (the next Earth day).

One of the oddities I've come to realize is how the fact that the lundic number system is *octal* is never clearly defined during the narrative.

This is because they have four digits per appendage making base 8 a logical default (thus a "hand" is equivalent to 4).

Time, likewise, uses 8, but a day is comprised of 16 hours.

Trickiest will be that I use "sennight" (seven-night) and "fortnight" (fourteen-night), which are actually 8 and 16 in-world, respectively.

Few more days, and I'll be writing the 4th trilogy.

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Writing prompt:

He's a skinny reed of a thing; probably wouldn't last 3 nights out here in the wilds. Too soft, too kind, too given to daydreaming. Doesn't change that he's touched by the blood curse, or what becomes of him under a full moon. Or that I fell for his godsforsaken hide.

I wish it were possible for people to produce creative works and contribute to culture and society without being forced to rely on wage labor to sustain themselves.

The arts should not be so belittled as it is, when entertainment and media are critical to our society and our own happiness.

If we were to treat creators as equals, pay them honestly and fairly, and ensure that they could live and continue to produce these works, I believe our society would be a better place.

:dalek: exterminate intolerance this pride month :dalek:

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