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Collected Works (cont.):

Trilogy IV
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β€’ XI: in progress ...

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flipped emoji but you have to type them backwards

When the heck did it get to be 9:22? I need to go take a shower.

This is essentially what gets turned into completed scenes. I hash out a very topical form of what goes on, then follow it with varying degrees of adherence to produce the actual, "real-time" version of the scene.

I think I just wrote out the entire plot for chapter 4.

Title Card

Pomf gets the inspiration bug and feverishly writes a lesbian wedding.

And I've just pushed one of the major things off another book, but that's fine. It'll work better in 12.

Though the real question should be how far I can (and am willing to) push the stuff about the Cataclysm, the missing anthropological record of the lund, and why not even their oral tradition details what came before.

Gotta love when archaeological digs uncover the unexpected ;3c

Ahhhhhh, I think I have direction for this volume ...!

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homebrew tabletop 

homebrew tabletop 

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