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One of these days I'll figure out why my response to "how should I handle this scene?" is almost always "emotional turmoil."

Debating if I want to deal with making oatmeal or something.

Honestly just kind of feeling like shit today.

"I should take a break from this game."

"Oh, wait, I literally have nothing better to be doing with my life right now."

Instead of taking a shower, I decided to read up on neuropsychiatry, related theories thereof, and the purported influence of sex hormones on development, psychiatric illness, and its correlation with certain disorders.

Android still has the shittiest autocorrect.

Rereading Tamberlane (I think I spelled that right) because why not.

I want to code something, but I have no idea what would be fun or worthwhile.

Free-written scene for today comes to 3,002 words.

I've noticed that such scenes tend to be shorter in length, but occur faster (mostly because I'm not using cues / notes written ahead of time).

Pomf but wearing a shirt that reads:

— I am —

Eating because you know you need to, not because you feel hungry.

First half of the scene is done. Feeling a bit better, I guess.

Once this is written I'm just ... turning off for the rest of the day.

Leaving my room in the morning is never the right thing to do.

Today is just a mess and I look forward to going to sleep.

And jeez, that external is an ancient old 1TB drive I've used for storage for over 10 years, now. The last thing I need is for it to spin up 20 times a day for up to half an hour, doing nothing, just because windows felt like it.

Why must windows 10 be all, "oh, you're accessing a drive? Let me spin up literally all of them just because" ...?

It's super annoying, especially since it doesn't obey my power preferences to turn them back off if idle for over 2 minutes.

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