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I am so stressed out about the election rn. I am legit freaking out.

fedi be like: 

@thufie I do not block you because I am trying to persuade you to stop doing something I think is harmful, which is setting up a false dichotomy between voting and direct action.

The point I am making about stonewall is that it didn't happen alone. it took a combination of riots, protests, court battles, persuasion, workplace organizing and voting to get to the point we are at now with civil rights for queerfolk. Just focusing on direct action is myoptic and self limiting.

fedi be like: 

@thufie you are making fun of people for promoting voting and rioting on the fedi at the same time. And then when I responded to that in good faith, you responded in bad faith until I posted the right slogan at you in the right way.

All of that behavior is part of the problem in my eyes. So yes, in a way I am blaming you for it, though more accurately I am blaming your attitude.

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@thufie I don't live in iowa. If there are protests against these policies in Iowa, they'd be in Des Moines which is 2 hours drive away. Also, she is a single mother of two. If she gets imprisoned, what happens to her kids?

Voting is her best option. Iowa is a swing state so there is a real chance democrats could win and at the very least stop laws like that being passed. But because she keeps hearing online that voting doesn't do anything, she is now literally doing nothing.

fedi be like: 

@thufie I didn't "simply assert" it was a riot because I am challenging the idea that voting and rioting are mutually exclusive activities. I am sick of people setting up this false dichotomy and then discouraging people from trying to better their own conditions.

My housemate's sister literally isn't voting in Iowa this year because "it doesn't do anything" even though the republicans in the state literally made miscarriages illegal and punishable by imprisonment.

fedi be like: 

@thufie that is not what I said.

fedi be like: 

@thufie stonewall was a riot. The gay rights movement of the 70s, 80s and 90s involved a combination of direct action, voting, public messaging and legal challenges which together changed laws all over the country.

fedi be like: 

@thufie it is possible to vote one day and riot the next.

Everyone is dunking on Milky Way bars on twitter... and they are one of my favorite candy bars and I’m actually feeling slightly singled out :P

@matoakit any sufficiently advanced meat is indistinguishable from magic.

@vikxin what about Magentite? Outside is metal. Is inside also metal, or it meat or is it meat-rock?

@vikxin is it like, rock with meat inside, or is it meat-rock?

@vikxin Geodude has a tongue. Is the tongue meat or rock? Geodude has eyes. Are the eyes meat or rock?

Geodude has a tongue. That is presumably made of meat. Is Geodude rock inside, or meat inside?

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@flarecat he has a tongue. Presumably that is made of meat. he might be meat on the inside.

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