Simply by viewing this image of Lindsey Lohan’s fursona you are an nft pirate. If you upload this image in 5 other places you may be entitled to compensation.

Simply by viewing this image, you too now have a copy of the art Tom Morello commissioned as an nft. You are now a millionaire. Give it to your friends so they can be millionaires too!

There was a Basque restaurant across the street! Sadly it was closed. A lot of Basque people have settled in this part of Nevada.

Tomorrow we drive across Utah! After 36 hours awake I am finally getting sleep.

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First day of the road trip with my mom! Today was all about setting up the rest of the trip. After flying from Detroit to Sacramento, we drove through the sierras to Reno up I-80. Along the way, we stopped at a small park near Donner pass.

cyberpsychosis, cult 45 

I actually feel really bad for these people. I want to say something. But it's too dangerous.

These people need to be deprogrammed.

To celebrate the new year, we are going to burn 2020 in effigy.

scu complex fire 

I can see the flames cresting the ridge to the south East. Come tomorrow morning the whole ridge could be ablaze. We are packed and ready to go the moment we are notified.

SCU Fire 

You can see the smoke from part of the fire, which is just over the ridge.

Battletech tabletop 

Not too thrilled with the decals in this tank. Or the other federated suns tank. But... practice, you know? I’ve never really used decals before.

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Battletech tabletop 

Crucis Lancers of the Federated Suns. A Wolverine and a Centurion, to fight the Combine Griffin above.

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Battletech tabletop 

Ah! I painted some Battletech minis over the last few days! Check em out! I even made custom decals.

The 82nd (West Africa) Division was a brutish colonial infantry division from Africa. It was formed from the already formed 1st and 2nd West Africa Brigades and the 4th Nigerian brigade. It served in Burma under the 15th Indian Corps where it suffered the heaviest casualties of any unit in the campaign. Due to racism and the focus on the European theatre, it’s hard to get info on this unit. Attached pics may be from several African British divisions

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The Tuskegee Airmen, which included the 332nd Fighter group, the 99th Fighter Squadron and the 477th Bombardment group of the USAF were the first black combat aviators of the US military. Again, the units they were segregated. The 332nd fighter group were also know as the Red Tails for painting the tails of their Mustangs red. They served in North Africa and Italy. The 332nd group is notable for downing 3 German jets in a single day on 24th March 1945.

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The 92nd Infantry Division, know as the “Buffalo Soldiers” were a segregated black infantry division that was formed in WW1. In WW2 they fought in northern Italy against combined German and Italian fascist forces. The unit received 2 posthumous medals of honor in 1997, well after the war. Though accounts have since surfaced showing the unit served admirably, racist generals at the time believed the unit to be underperforming. hence the 1997 medals.

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