genocide of latinx people, personal 

I suddenly had the realization this afternoon that the forced sterilizations in the trump concentration camps are a genocide against people WITH WHOM I SHARE GENES AND HERITAGE.

I'm not poor nor am I a refugee, but I am latinx. It is not "them" being genocided. It is "us" being genocided. And... I don't know how to feel about it. Except bad.

genocide of latinx people, personal 

I feel a lot like I did after the Pulse shooting.

I was taught from a young age by my parents to some extent and society more broadly to see myself as "one of the good latinx" people. "I'm not mexican" I would say, dissociating myself from my assigned race in order to avoid feeling hurt by the racism around me. "That happens to other people" I told myself.

When Pulse happened, I saw the names of the dead, and realized my last name looked like theirs

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genocide of latinx people, personal 

and now I am having that same experience. Except this time the stakes are even higher, the horror is even worse, and... I just... I don't know how to feel about it.

I'm thinking about my ex's dad telling her she needed to break up with me because she was japanese and I was hispanic, and wondering if he voted for Trump.

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