The chief way I enforce CW outside of my own account is that if I see a post that lacks a CW that I think it needs, I won't boost it, even if I otherwise would have.

I prefer this method to, say, reporting a post that I think should be CW'd. I'd only report a post for lacking CW if it were really egregious and unambiguous. Otherwise like... I'm not in the business of policing the behavior of others. If it bothers me, I unfollow or block. If it doesn't bother me, but I think it isn't appropriate or might bother others, I don't boost.

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@hyenagirl64 SAME. I've not done that a couple times and I've always regetted it.

@hyenagirl64 hm. Not sure that actually teaches the other party to use CWs

@hyenagirl64 I mean, you do you, you aren't obligated to teach people

@Pan_Natek @hyenagirl64 see this policy, in my case, isn't about teaching anyone - it's about not exposing anyone who follows me to un-CWed content.

If I reply to such a post (not often) I attach a relevant CW; that might achieve the goal of teaching but again it's not the primary purpose.

@anne @Pan_Natek precisely. I might point it out if it’s somebody I know well, but generally... it’s not my responsibility to “teach” people. And besides which, I’m not the authority on what should or shouldn’t be CW’d in general.

@hyenagirl64 @anne I'd appreciate being told if I do it and you have the spoons for it, I'm not very competent at CWs -_-

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