Say what you will, but Sonic getting a live action movie that nobody asked for which seems doomed to be a train wreck of bad decisions from it's very inception is extraordinarily on-brand for the franchise.

I can't honestly say my expectations aren't being met, because this is exactly what I expected.

This isn't the movie sonic needed, but it is the movie sonic deserved.

At this rate I expect it to sit up there with the live action Mario Bros. and Street Fighter movies.

Who knows. Robotnik might literally somehow become to Carrey what Raul Julia managed with M.Bison.
(I.e. a character in a movie that's an utter trainwreck but whom everyone still watches because of That One Actor hamming it up in every scenes).

@Fringecrow Don't count sega out yet! It could still end up being substantially less watchable than either of those films! Ever seen Uwe Boll's BloodRayne?

Though I am inclined to agree. Carrey did it for Batman: Forever and he could do it for Sonic.

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