So everybody coming from tumblr understands, each mastodon domain is a different website, all of which are running their own version of the mastodon software, and each managed by completely distinct entities.

The person running has no control over what happens on say, since somebody different is running that.

Your instance owner decides which other instances can talk to/get public content from your instance.


Your federated timeline is not a feed of posts from all instances. It is a feed of posts from your instance, all the public posts of the accounts followed by your instance, and any other posts from other instances the admin as set up to show there.

If nobody on your instance follows somebody on chuckleheads.troll, and your admin has not “federated” with that instance, you will not see their shitty posts on your federated timeline.

And your admin can ban that whole instance.

Finally... when you hit “report” the report you make goes to the admin of your instance. Obviously, there is no point in telling the admin of haters.fash or whatever that there are Nazis on their instance, since they are probably a Nazi themselves. Your admin can then take steps to protect you from them, such as wisely blocking the entire site.

If your admin doesn’t do this... consider using the export button and moving to another, better moderated instance.

Unlike on tumblr, there isn’t some monolithic, faceless corporation running things. There are a gaggle or petty kingdoms with known rulers who have their own prerogatives, some of which are good and some of which are rolling dumpster fires, and you will likely need to do a bit more work to find the instance that is right for you.

@hyenagirl64 tbh I kind of think of myself running this instance as a BDFL position.

I prefer to build consensus and a community.

@szbalint I mean of course that is ideal, but ultimately the only ways to hold an admin accountable are either a lawsuit or leaving the instance.

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