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so.. I don't know if this is permanent but:

I'm plural, and Dawnrose is actually a headmate. we had a long talk on the drive to Rochester a few days ago.

we think she formed partly from the stress of this year. shi's basically me, but lower-energy, less anxious, and more assertive, and is more likely to be in front when I'm high.

we're median, and I'm still "me", just there may be face and tone switches and the occasional "we" now

when applicable,
πŸ¦‡ or 🌺 = Janine
🐈 or 🌹 = Dawnrose



still awake, hungry but queasy, head is heavy from fatigue but i can't settle

counting down the hours til i find out whether i click "send" on my resignation

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not "okay" but safe and stable, idk when i'll be able to sleep

Korps content, gdrive link to video presentation 

Sorry for the delay in posting, but here's the on-demand version of the Korps Cipher 101 panel from KorpsCon 2 back in August, presented by @Railrunnah and myself!
Please feel free to reply to this if you have questions about the cipher or the presentation. πŸ’œ

plurality, life update? 

hey. πŸ’œ

yesterday was incredibly rough on Orchid to the point where she needs a break, so I'm back


Are y'all taking care of yourselves in these shitty times?

Fed? Watered? Bathed? Medicated? Saw the sun and went outside for a bit? That's still perfectly fine to do btw, just play "people is lava". :D How about talked to friends and stayed in the loop (then again, that's why we're -here-, right?)

The tides will ebb eventually, but right now being there for yourself is more important, not less.

i want to be able to think and create again..


woam implies the existence of krab

bought an incense holder so Sapphy can have hers back.

it has a kitten sleeping on a crescent moon. felt appropriate.

death (animal) 

Sapphy decorated a stone and i picked a moonflower from the fence. rest in peace, dear.

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death (animal) 

we took a different route home from lunch and found a dead kitten lying on the side of the road..

i couldn't leave them there, Sapphy carried our leftovers while i carried them home. we're going to bury them in the backyard.

mh(-), employment status 

trying to write a resignation letter while ugly crying

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mh(-), employment status 

if i stay it'll be a constant cycle of having to check in and provide documentation to stay on unpaid, unprotected medical leave, plus i'll have to pay my insurance and benefit premiums out of pocket.

i can't. it's too much. it's not worth my life.

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mh(-), employment status 

i've come to the difficult decision that i need to resign

i can't keep trying to hold on to this job while unpaid AND trying to get help.

i don't really have any viable options other than to quit, rely on my parents' generosity, and apply for medicaid.

am doing.. okay, today

good, maybe

Janine is back, as is Dawn


i'm a catellite, mow πŸ’š


overall though today can fuck off. i'm so tired of trauma ruling my emotions.

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mh(-), job stuff 

talked with my mom for an hour and a half. told her i probably have to quit my job. thankfully they're being very generous still.

explained a bit about my plurality and why i'm smoking so much.. i'm impressed that she didn't argue or express shock/disappointment for once and actually listened

political snark 

among us is honestly the perfect game for leftists, we certainly do love witch hunts and throwing each other under the bus in the name of "doing something"

we're home safe πŸ€πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ§‘πŸ’™

UPDATE: got the sample in for the Anxious Dommes Social Club patch and it looks incredible! LOOK at that DETAILING! Command the respect of your subs and the sympathy of your fellow dommes with this super slick iron-on patch, now available for preorder.

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