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Progress on personal projects was pretty thin this weekend

I get an idea in my head, though, and I need to see it through


Inktober 4: the hamster. It's been literally ages since I drew a human figure...


Inktober 2: the hamster art of clothesmaking.

US Pol meta (-) 

Y'all reminding me of twitter today

Food (+) asking for opinions 

So who else likes to dress up their popcorn?

I do mine with smoked paprika

sometimes I do rosemary and oil
And today I did black pepper and basil

Whats your favorite popcorn?

*unhinges mind and inserts MIDI USB standard, progress bar appears over cloud while she ponders… it is not filling quickly*

Why doesn't Europe believe in Light Roast coffee?

GRS musings, genital things 


I was thinking about your "packer for tucking" comment and something else crossed my mind: imagine tucking with a 'dual wield' (phallus preserving vaginoplasty)

because I am now and I thought you might too

apparently not one of the inputs on my laptop is rated for line in? Only mic?

A travesty, honestly

Reginald Expression, at your service! But anyone who knows me call me Reg

Microprocessor Fun, Math (+) 

Multiplicitive inverses it seems

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Microprocessor Fun, Math (+) 

Now… I wonder if one can do direct synthesis with an IDFT?

I'm not entirely sure what to think of this, though and I see a few challenges / problems right away

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