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All things considered, I'm impressed that computing even works as much as it does

Mild: Floating point
Wild: Floating pointer

Won't you have some pancakes and a fizzy drink to go with it?

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Agda question, Math? 

Any time Steve or I say something is good or nice, the other will inevitably say "you're good" or "you're nice" prompting "also you" from the first one. It's gotten to the point where one of us will say "That's good. You're good. Also me."

new calendar, but it has two year 0s: one positive zero and the other negative zero

My cherry tree clipping is still green and might be budding new leaves!

I am so utterly exhausted today
Existentially tired

what is the kobold design aesthetic?
Like, you show someone a curvy thin sword with a leaf motif, everyone knows that's elves. You show someone a hammer or belt with gold trim and squared or octagonal patterns, they know it's dwarves. Most people have a pretty good (*cough*racist*cough*) idea of orc aesthetics. I'd even argue that there's a fairly consistent notion about gnomes.
What's kobold stuff look like?

who called it VRAM and not photographic memory send toot

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