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"you're too much of an exclamation point to not dress daringly" - @kondziu to me


Food poisoning? Flu?
Either way, can't get out of bed this vacation

18 is at home so @Pan_Natek 's flat cow is my emotional support plushie

roger patented the tile pattern in the 1970s, but then some random math nerd who was traveling around the middle east found penrose tiling in a 15th century mosque

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p.s. This isn't color boosted, it just looked that way

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Twitter link, all positive 

NSFW fursona art (new birthday art I love it and I'm dying???) 

lewd furry idea, kink 

What if we put Luigi's head on top of Sailor Moon's body! 

free band name 

:stretches out arm:
:tries to lift a box of tea using the force:
damn it, this must be Star Trek

So I was watching this youtube video yesterday and he said that "Everyone" likes to see someone get hurt.

Either a little bit physically or socially. Schadenfreude. And used youtube videos where and expert is being shown as being embarrassed as the thumbnail

And… No? No please no I hate that? It isn't punching up

Is anyone else incredibly turned off by the idea of enjoying someone else suffering? I GET schadenfreude but this seems way different?

What is wrong with people

Chubby pink unicorn. Prague 2019. Chalk on sidewalk. Artist unknown.

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Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.