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sometimes the answer is "let us be furries you cowards"

Change the national anthem to the Delfino Plaza music

To everyone driving to AC:
Be safe! Let your co-pilot navigate and do things with messages and radios
Don't worry about missed turns or getting there in a hurry

Plenty of gay to go around, promise

Have fun lovelies!

Asking for a friend:

"Random question for you, would you or someone you know happen to have an EORI number? I have some friends that are holding a pokemon go event in Germany this weekend and the merch and prize stuff got caught in customs. They're being told now they just need a person with an EORI number to be on record, not to receive it. Thought it was worth asking. Thanks!"

If 20% of a group are harassers (evenly across genders), & the group has more men than women… then each woman gets 16x more bad experiences than each man.

The Petrie Multiplier: in a group where x% are bullies/harassers, the minority will feel it (x/100)^2 more.

This blog post has stuck with me through the years. I like the maths in it, & I like the conclusion that attacking sexism/racism etc doesn't have to be an attack on the majority.



GRS Shitpost 

Calling me good behemoth or any variation of good gives me a boost of gay behemoth energy.

It makes me sparkly from my ribbons uwu

@kondziu is showing me pictures and one of them was of an "airplane"
I stopped him dead and said, "What was that?"
"An airplane"

"Excuse me, that's bi… plane erasure"

I never noticed that the eternity collars were individually numbered

Uh… @sudo_bee this may be of interest to you

Medical, stress from mri 

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Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.