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Did the fediverse find Jovan's video refuting Bripe or something?

If you have a long snoot you can long-range smooch

As a kid, I used to think anything you could have a favorite of--shapes, colors, ice cream flavors, etc.--had a 'main', like a leader.

The main shape was square.

The main color was red.

The main ice cream flavor was vanilla.

My favorite was rarely the main.

They're so proud of themselves! And they should be
They put the whole desk together

Now if only they'd clean up

the quebec city flag has a tiny little dude on the back of the boat why is he there

@HihiDanni hey

Your yoshisonna is cute :possum:

Just in case you didn't know
Or needed to be reminded

I've been feeling better in the morning since I started not using snooze

Set my alarms to snooze for 1 minute at a time
I cant' set it to refuse snooze and I need a backup juuuuuuust in case

But it forces me to get up right away. I'm quickly getting used to it, to the point where i'm starting to wake up just before my alarm

As someone once said.
Dress for the weather you want

10°C and rain?
Still wearing this and no outer layer
[eye contact]

it's not that hard to deface a sign that says 'Colorado' to say 'Gatorade' instead

One of my jobs at work today was to take the last "A Class" locomotive our company owns to it's final resting place. Tomorrow they'll start cutting it up for scrap. #trains #railways

Is placidness a ?
Also a Mandarin duck couple! Which were super hard to capture, but they were around

Got a bunch of today
First up is a bald cypress with its knotty roots coming up out of the ground

*sees a birdhouse in the woods*
Wow! Must be some sort of advance European bird. No American bird could make something like that!
It's a wooden house, I think that means it was made by an American bird

Folks, I have been severely burned

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